Friday, June 16, 2017

Long Overdue (the post, not the colt..)

Checking back in! holy moly lots is happening.  But most notable to the blog-o-sphere is probably the arrival of Prairie's colt.  (squee!)

You may recall - Prairie is enjoying a new life as a broodmare with an old friend from Pony Club.  She was bred to their KWPN stud, Versace (Ferro/Idocus) last year and gave birth to a healthy little colt in April.

Anyway, all is well.  The colt is strong and social and all things you want a baby to be.  He has been named "Vegas" and will go by Ace in the barn.  I hope I am able to follow his journey and see what life has in store for this little guy.  I believe he will be presented for inspection with the Oldenburg NA this summer, but we shall see!  Just in case anyone is shopping, his full description is here.

As for Daddy (since little Ace isn't doing much yet), he doesn't a huge competition record to share, but he's cute and the babies have a reputation for extreme rideability (which would be a nice feature to add to Prair...).  Most of his accomplishments have come on the breeding side of things, including a couple approved sons and being the Dressage Sport Horse Breeding Champion for KWPN in North America.  Seems like a cool dude.

Interestingly enough, Versache was gelded a couple years ago and is actually for sale if anyone is looking for something snazzy to place with!

More updates on Windsor and the rest of the clan to come!



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