Monday, March 24, 2014

Gus & P's Big Day Out

Prair has been hogging the bloggy spotlight for a while, so I thought it might be nice to shift our attention to the other two beasts and give their cute beaks the attention they deserve.

Gus and P went for a big trail ride last week and after polite requests pleading for photos... D obliged and sent me lots of snaps from their ride.  They both behaved wonderfully (ish), although when they got to a puddle/pond of doom, both turned into wimpies and refused to lead.

Gus was deemed suitable for D's not-very-horsey SO, and I was glad to hear that he lived up to his "husband safe" label.  That horse, man - so stinkin cute.  Though P's little red ears are pretty adorable too :)


Gus looking distinctly less interested in this adventure than P
Gus and D's guy looking like a handsome pair

Headed into the woods

scary bridge of doom

scarier water

a very good P

Gus Ears

What good beasts they are.  Gus had another trail adventure with some of D's friends later in the week and if the weather holds (and the mud stops sliding all over the place) I'm going to head up for some low-key prenatal "trail riding."


  1. Aw I love Gus in his little western saddle :) Such a good boy.

  2. They both look so happy! Pics are lovely - makes me want to move back to Seattle.

  3. Yay. Glad to see them happy and calm, and on trail, looks fun!

  4. Sounds & looks fab! I'll have to pick your brain for things to do in Seattle for a weekend as I may be visiting in May!!!


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