Friday, March 7, 2014

Pro days!

Oops. I'm behind :)

Let's see. Quick and dirty version - Prair is getting a bit tired and not "looking" as soft - even though she's being pretty obedient.

I think now that she's using her body(/back) - it may be time to have her hocks done. Both N and I are feeling a reluctance to work over the right hind in the canter...

It's not major, but it's there.

Also the tiny fungus spots are still tiny but painful and RIGHT under the saddle... So I feel bad about that too.

Aside from those issues, she's a happy mare. The Open 2'6" division was huge this week and we only snagged a 5th (I think?) and 6th over fences along with a 3rd on the flat. N had to ride another horse in the under saddle (and I didn't have my coat... Oops!) so one of our good juniors took the ride and did a nice job.

Prair looked a bit annoyed the whole time and I could tell she was not being super easy..

So! Today. Two warm up rounds first thing. Then our baby 2' hunter stuff this afternoon. It's HOT this week so I'm basically attached to my Gatorade and sunscreen :)

If tore not hydrating - you're dehydrating!!!!

waiting (mostly) patiently

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  1. Tough circuit for her. Hang in Prair!

  2. Your life sounds exhausting haha. Super fun though and I'm sure very much worth it :)

  3. Prair's been working overtime! But she'll make it -- she loves her job, that's for sure!!

  4. Keep up the good work ladies! :)

  5. 3 weeks is always tough and tiring but you both will come out learning so much!

  6. You guys are raking in the satin, you won't know what to do with all the silk when you get home!


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