Friday, March 21, 2014

Happy Friday! (and a TOTD suggestion)

Happy Friday!  The sun is (shockingly) out in Seattle today, and it really feels like spring (yay!).

I'm looking forward to my first weekend home in seven (7!) weeks, which sounds absolutely blissful at this point.

But what does one do when contemplating a lazy, relaxed weekend with no horse showing or other commitments?

Think about what you could possible need for future horse showing or other commitments... obviously.

I'm a sporadic TOTD checker, and often miss great deals on stuff I could actually use...  Today however, I saw that on the TOTD too section, the FITS Claire Show Shirt is available for $60.  It's usually somewhere between $120 and $140, so $60 is a steal and one I highly recommend anyone who needs a new (or extra) show shirt takes advantage of.

I bought one early last season with some of the gift certificates that Prairie won at a show, and it was instantly my favorite shirt to compete in.  It washes easily, it has vents, the fabric is lightweight, stretchy and looks nice on... they are amazing.

So amazing in fact that every week in HITS I made a point of washing my FITS shirt in the hotel sink and hanging it up to dry (it dries quickly) so that I could wear it multiple times per weekend... If I were planning a regular show season, I would have easily justified a second Claire shirt at full price.  But since I'm not... I hadn't pulled the trigger on one... TILL TODAY.

At $60, it's worth stashing away until next year when we're back in the show ring.  I can attest to the blue and pink colors being gorgeous.  Haven't seen the gray... but that didn't stop me from ordering one! (ha!)

If it ends up looking strange with my coats, it can always be a comfy shirt for clinics and schooling days...


Hope everyone enjoys their weekend! Tomorrow I'm headed to the barn to watch weekend lessons, including Prair and her nice half-lease-lady.  Maybe I'll sneak some video... :)


  1. I am in the market for a new show shirt, I will definitely check this one out. Are the true to size?

  2. Yay for bargains on things you know are good and love to wear. Can't wait to hear hoe Prair & her lovely half lease lady get on. :)

    I NEED a Euro TOTD option, you guys have the best online equine options especially as Smartpack sounds so cool!
    We have nothing like that here...or if we do I haven't come across it yet. :(


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