Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Thermal By Some (very different) Numbers

The Thermal Satin took a place of honor at the front of the garage by our Tri-Colors
Even I'm getting sick of talking about Thermal, but given that I'm not riding - I'm scrounging for whatever material I can get.  Therefore expect to get re-hashed posts on anything I can remotely justify. :)  (this is one of those posts)

Since we spent so long dissecting the numerical cost of a show like Thermal, I figure it's just a fair to switch mindsets and look at the numbers game from a slightly different perspective.

(in no particular order)

TEN (omfg, 10) Tri-Colors:

     1 Grand Circuit Championship - heck yes! in only three weeks Prair amassed enough points to secure her circuit crown in the Pre-Adult Hunter, no thanks to my piloting week IV...

     1 Grand Circuit Reserve Championship - In my Eq! Who would have thought.  go me.

     2 Second Half Circuit Championships - Pre-Adult Hunter and Eq

     1 Second Half Circuit Reserve Championship - Thermal Adult Hunter

     4 Division Championships (two Pre-Adult, one Thermal Adult, one Eq)

     1 Division Reserve Championship (Eq)

14 Days of Actual Showing

52 Ribbons, including 15 blues.. (9 over fences, 5 Under Saddle and 1 Eq on the Flat)

40 Courses Ridden (by me)

3 Torturous Eq on the Flat Classes (including week VI's never ending marathon

1 Legitimate Spook (damn coyote)

ZERO Illegal Drugs (I readily admit to using Regumate and some Perfect Prep on this trip)

3 Saddle Fittings

1 New Bridle

2 Bits used (KK D and Rubber Pelham)

1 box of assorted band-aids (blisters... damn boots and huge show ground!)

4 Coolers (maybe 5? I don't know what you get for a circuit championship...)

12 Decaf Soy Lattes consumed (some pregnancy rules I follow...)

2 glasses of champagne (...some I don't)

1 hour spent Pool Side (I stopped even packing my swimsuit by the last week..)

24 Bottles of Gatorade

Weeks 19, 20 and 21 of pregnancy.

14.5 Hours on a Plane

2 good Professional pictures (several more courtesy of friends)

1 seriously fun horse show to start/finish my season.


  1. Dah-Zam, if your garage is broken into and all the ribbons are missing, do not check California.

    1. haha. When my garage turns back into a *garage* and looks less like a Dexter kill room (so that The Boy can varnish furniture..) I'll take a pano of all the ribbon walls. It makes me happy every time I drive the car home.

      more importantly.. WHERE IS OUR UPDATE ON YOUR SHOW.

  2. Woohoo! I request a picture of Prair and all of her HITS tri-colors please.

    1. I'm going to try to arrange one once the circuit awards show up :)

  3. Wow! Those are some seriously wonderful numbers! Congrats on such a great Thermal experience, it was really fun to read about your adventures and I'm glad Prair was such a dream with no major freak-outs or injuries. And hey, you won't ever have the "what if I did Thermal...." :)

  4. Love this!!! SO MUCH to be thankful for and having gained along the way! :)

  5. Here is someone that hasn't gotten old of your Thermal talk, those are some pretty cool numbers, ones to be very proud of :)

  6. Never sick of Thermal. TALK IT UP.

  7. Wowza. You could make a 6th cooler out of those ribbons! =P Good job Prair!

  8. What is there to say?!? That is a seriously impressive haul :) I like this approach to the Thernal numbers game. Well deserved and like Jenn said, you will never have to wonder "what if"...I bet that's feeling pretty darn good right now! Really, really great stuff and to know you did it without any funny stuff is especially nice.

  9. Great numbers post & fab colours lining the walls to welcome you home!

  10. You must decorate Prairie with all the satin from Thermal, and all eleventeen coolers, and take pics. :) So awesome!

  11. Loved this post!! A very belated congrats on a fantastic show, and thanks so much for allowing us all to live vicariously through you!


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