Friday, March 14, 2014

Thermal Pro Pics

I got my professional pictures emailed to me, in what seems to be a relatively quick fashion - and honestly I was surprised.

In my head I sat at that photo booth flipping through mediocre photo after mediocre photo thinking "no.... nope, ew. oh god, do we look like that?.... no... no... no.... nope" for what felt like an eternity before giving up and ordering two random prints for posterity.

As with most things, suppressed expectations usual lead to general satisfaction - and I was surprised at how much I liked the pro shots when I saw them again.

I had completely forgotten that there was actually ONE photo with the mare's ears forward.  One.  Singular.

But we will take it! and I will print it out and put it in one of our sorta strange photo frames that we won as a first place prize.

I love the expression on her cute face in this one.

Not the "best" of either of us, but still a good memory!
Man she was a good girl at that show.  I'm so grateful we got to go, and so jealous of N and her 1/2 lease lady that they get to keep riding her!


  1. I love them! You guys look awesome. Also is that the new CWD Bridle I see? Regardless she looks so polished! Glad it was a success and you have these to remember the ride.

  2. Replies
    1. They update circuit overall and 2nd half yesterday and your div finished, congrats :D

  3. Love these! You guys look great :-)

  4. They look good! I don't think you can get much better over little jumps since she's such an athletic girl :)

  5. Wow, you blow that green pic up and it looks really impressive over the little one blogger shows in the blog. Good job!

  6. You two look lovely!

  7. I love the way she looks with her ears up!

  8. OOOO you both look so good! :)

  9. Fab photos to have to compliment the brilliant memories & experience. Hope you get to go back & reclaim your championships when the little one is bigger :-D

  10. You guys look great! Even if you're not thrilled with the pics, you'll have them to remind you!


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