Friday, March 28, 2014

Ogilvy (an actual photo no less..)

Okay, okay okay.  A real, actual (although crappy) picture of the (new) Ogilvy.

As you can see, we decidedly do not  have the issue of "not enough pad" that we had with the Hunter Half Pad - so that's good.

Initially I wasn't thrilled with the color, but the Ogilvy lady was being so nice and letting me just trade my old pad in that I didn't really feel like being picky (or waiting) for my custom colors again.  Now that the pad has gotten some use, I can say that I have totally come around on the color combo.

My initial Hunter Half Pad was the "greige" color with burgundy and hunter green piping/binding.  The greige is warmer (which I like) but showed dirt a lot easier than this dark gray color.  The dark gray hides loose prairie hairs and doesn't seem to show "barn dust" very easily.  I like the white pipe for some contrast, but the black trim is subtle, clean looking and looks good on Prair.

Long story short - I wouldn't have ordered this pad (lol), but now that it's what I have, I love it.

Also, this pic shows the regular full thickness (1.25") pad with the rear risers.  It looks very pouffy when you put it on, but girthed up and with a rider, it looks normal and feels great.  Today was N's first ride in it (her saddle pictured) and she really liked it a lot.

This does begin to beg the question what we do for a show pad solution.  One other drawback of the Hunter sized half pad is that (currently) Ogilvy doesn't make rear risers to fit the smaller shape.  I need to clarify whether or not the risers would fit into their integrated fleece/foam hunter show pad.

I don't so much need the risers (especially because I'm not riding, and I better not with my new saddle...), but N probably always will since her panels aren't built up for a crazy, curvy Prairie spine.  And if we're going to justify $200+ for a designated "Show-gilvy,"  it'd be nice to have a versatile solution.  Otherwise, I'm ordering a white Jumper cover for the half pad (the Ogilvy lady said ordering extra covers was an option) and we'll just flop that on over a normal show pad when necessary.

So that is our current Ogilvy situation.

I unknowingly ordered the wrong shape pad for my saddle, excellent customer service fixed it - and in the process I learned what colors I *would* pick if I were ordering another custom one.  The show pad solution is still pending, but we'll wait and see on that.


  1. Love ogilvy! I don't love my pad colors because like you, I bought it at a show but the colors are perfect for everyday use. I'm trying very hard to resist ordering another cover...I have a feeling I'm going to lose that battle. ;)

  2. so you would recommend a "darker" body color of the pad?

    I actually really love your color combo and it goes with everything!!

  3. So that's a hunter pad? I was expecting it to be much smaller with less showing. That doesn't seem to be that much less pad than mine but maybe it's just the picture.

    Did you end up finding out if they upgraded your leather? Looks like in going to be exploring the CWD route. Definitely want to get all the opinions I can on the different leather combos :) Voltaire is on the table too.

    1. This is a Jumper half pad. The Hunter half pad got swallowed up by my saddle panels.

      and CWD did end up upgrading. I've ridden in both their calf and full grain saddles and honestly, could go either way. The calf is definitely grippier, though I think once the full grain is broken in and loved it's not far off. If money is no object, the calf is lovely :)

    2. I was considering calf grain or buffalo grain. Glad they took care of you :) I'm sure your saddle will be lovely!

  4. Ooo this makes me want one even more!

  5. Yay I'm finally caught up! I actually like those colors too. :) I hope you find a solution for showing.

    I really enjoyed reading about Thermal. I'm glad you had so much fun. :D

  6. Hey there! I am purchasing my half pad and am torn as to what size to get. I noticed in another post that your saddle is 17.5 inch. Did you get the regular pad? I do not want mine to touch the binding or piping. I read another blog that said to get the large. I have a 17.5 Devoucoux Oldara D3D (so the panels are shorter on the shoulder) with an extra forward flap. I do not have the pleasure of seeing them in person, so any info would help. Thanks! Great blog by the way.

    1. It is a TAD confusing :). The pad I initially ordered was the HUNTER half pad in a 17/17.5. The length of the spine was great, but I have very built up panels on my 17.5" CWD which caused them to eat up all the "drop" of the half pad, to the binding. Other less built up saddles seemed to be ok.
      When I exchanged for the Jumper pad (larger profile all the way around), I stuck with their "regular" size which is supposed to fit saddles up to 18" no problem. It totally solved my problem with my larger CWD panels.

      It's a little tricky since the Hunter Half Pad and Jumper Half Pad have different sizing... I'd say if you're worried about the spread of your panels, get the jumper, if you have a fairly lean, close contact saddle, the Hunter pad will probably work if you are wanting a more streamlined look....

      Hope that helps!!


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