Friday, November 4, 2011

Bad things happen when The Boy encourages my addictions (aka horses and anything related to horsies).

Like, for example, actually entertaining the legitimate possibility of pursuing a giant effing trailer with nicely built out living quarters.

For what?

We aren't totally sure, but we are totally sure that we should be regularly perusing the dealers and looking for good used options. (like responsible adults we quickly realized that ordering a new custom built trailer for $70k was maybe taking this concept a little too far... at least we're reasonable).

So, what are the specs?

3 Horse.  2 horse seems too small (why I say this when I only own 1 horse, I don't know) but a 4 horse seems too big (the boy has visions of camping sans horses sometimes.. and a 4 horse trailer behind his "camper" seems just unnecessary.  Plus... we only have the one (1, uno) horse).

7'3" wide at a minimum.  His truck is hefty, the replacement will be heft-ier, and P only squashes into a 7' wide trailer if she gets two spots.  (though I try to avoid making her feel bad about it)

8' LQ MINIMUM, though 10, 12 and even 13' would be ideal.  We quickly decided if the LQ is too cramped or too crappy, we'll never use it and it'll be even more of a waste of money than this notion already is. It should sleep 4 comfortably and there has to be room to sit down.

STORAGE.  I don't really understand where people put all of their crap in these trailers that only have the teeny, tiny rear tack compartment.  Even when I'm only hauling P I pack our tack room FULL of water buckets, extra wraps, first id kits, grain, etc... Those weenie rear tacks have no room for that.  So we're looking for something that either has a larger rear tack (they exist), a mid tack (Ideal) or some serious manger storage (though this requires a trailer to be at least 8' wide cause it cuts into the standing room pretty significantly.

It has to be pretty.  this might sound like my requirement, but it's the boy.  I keep finding well priced older trailers, and he keeps nixing them on account of the fact that "they look like crap." Not the most compelling argument, but as long as he's indulging me in this endeavor, I'm not going to complain.

So, what have we found?  Not too surprisingly, there's a lot of really nice used trailers out there that fit pretty much the entire bill.  I even have a couple friends who have "outgrown" some gorgeous sundowners (one with 16' of LQ! that thing is a beast...) which are enticing.

BUT, there's one that's calling to me particularly strong... it's pretty close, and seems to fit the bill.  The only worry I have is that it has manger storage, but it only 7'3" wide... that might be a little skinny, but worth a look?

well, hello
That front door isn't an escape door (which every 3 horse GN seems to have, but I never use?) it's actually a second door to the Mid-Tack, which for some reason has doors on both sides of the trailer.  Necessary? no. But I guess kinda nice if you end up tacking up away from the awning (and lawn chairs and whatever else you set up).

Weird, right? but maybe super clever..
It's a 2006 Logan, looks like it's in great shape, and the price is pretty right... now we just have to decide if we're really going to become that car-camping, horse showing couple or if we just can't give up our hotel hopping ways...

It's amazing how quickly I can rationalize a big purchase like this... let's see, sell the current trailed for $5k... one kidney, stop eating for a few weeks and BAM! we net to zero.....

Here's the full ad if you want to ooh and ahh with me....

See what happens to me when I'm not busy actually at the barn doing things with my horse???


  1. Oh, totally. I don't know how you're doing it--Izzy always racks up a ton of new stuff when I can't be at the barn playing with her.

    It looks amazing. Maybe Boy needs a pony? You could get him a nice green thing and train it for a few years first to make sure it's suitable. :D

  2. Oh my goodness!!

    I am having a very hard time convincing my husband that I need even a 5k float/trailer in the first place!!

    Where did you find this boy? Did you have to hit him over the head? How do I train mine to be ok with spending copious amounts of money on the animals?!

  3. Wow am I jealous, and I thought I was doing well when I got my 08 2horse slant bumper pull with huge tack room. And I fully agree, a 3 horse is best. I had 1 horse and then ended up with a second. Now I have a friend who always wants to come along on my jaunts and I don't have room in the trailer for everyone.
    Oh, and I may be married but I seriously want The Boy. You are SO lucky.

  4. That is pretty much the exact trailer the barrel racers at my barn's insanely huge!

  5. Argh! That's GORGEOUS! I'm drooling all over my keyboard.
    I wish MY Boy wanted to buy me one of those...:P

  6. That trailer is Seriously Drool-Worthy!!!

    If it helps, we do a lot of camping, both with and without the horses. We started off with a 2 horse BP trailer that I love and will keep till the wheels fall off, so replacing it was not an option. So, we ending up purchasing a truck camper that fits in the bed of our F350 long bed. The combination of the trailer and the camper is probably $60,000 less than a similarly appointed rig, and if we don't want to take the horses with us, we just leave the trailer at home and take the camper. We love it! It's also much smaller and maneuverable, so we can go a lot of places that bigger rigs have trouble with.

    We also have some friends that use their LQ trailer for camping without the horses, and they're happy with their setup. I guess it all depends on what you prefer. I would really recommend looking at truck campers, though - we think it's the best!

  7. That is awesome!!! I hope you can get it. I sure want it lol. :)


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