Friday, July 12, 2013

New Tags (you're it)

I placed an order back in June with HalterTags.comto get some bridle plates for Prair and Gus as well as some round tags to throw on martingales and girths and whatever else I can find (maybe my cat?).

The order was a tad delayed, but a quick email to them informed me they had some personal issues that slowed production but they got my order out immediately and offered a discount on a future order with them.

As annoyed as I was for the extended wait, when the plates showed up I was pretty impressed with the quality.

One thing I like about HalterTags is that most of their "smaller" products are all just a flat rate of $5.95.  It's way more affordable than ordering through the main tack suppliers and I think they look much more substantial.  The brass is thick (really thick) and the engravings are deep.  The hardware that comes with is also high quality and they even give you a choice of what sort of fasteners you want (depending on your preference and/or handiness with tools).

Installing the plate on Prair's Bridle was a little tricky given her thread-through crown, but I'm really happy with the results.  Also, now I'm confident that when Gus's tack gets used for lessons it's a bit easier to keep track of his girth and accoutrements. 

I will definitely be ordering through HalterTags again whenever the need arises!

Regular Bridle Plate
1/5" Bridle Tag (blurry)


  1. Love these! I need to get some for my guys...

  2. Ooo those look nice. I will check them out, because I was not happy with SmartPak's name plate the last time I ordered one from them.

  3. Looks super nice!!! Ill have to order from them :)

  4. I love Halter Tags! Been using them for years for nameplates, bridle tags, & collar IDs for my cats!

  5. Love them so much. Did a post about them a while back. :)

  6. Ooooooo!!! I'm gonna get me some!

  7. I love! I had the exact same experience you did with the wait time and subsequent quick response. The quality is amazing.

  8. i had a similar experience with them. first and second orders shipped super fast, last one i had to hound them a bit. love the quality of there products tho!

  9. I too am a haltertag lover. They are my go-to tag and nameplate supplier (and dog tag). I've never had a shipping delay myself. The tags last forever...actually I've never replaced one. Enjoy!


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