Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Summer Fling

I'm in love with my mare.  I think maybe we need to move someplace where it's consistently about 75 degrees, because oh my lord, she is a dreamboat when it's just a tad toasty out.

We had great rides this weekend.  I had a jump lesson on Sunday that involved a three jump line set at four strides.  We played with getting 3 and even 5 or 6 between the fences as well.  Prair wasn't perfect but she was pretty darn good and I can't believe how adjustable we've gotten. (especially when pointed toward home).

Today I had a fun lesson working through a gymnastic with another Adult Ammy.  It had three crossrails (bounce, bounce) to oxer set one stride out.  Prairie was upset that there were trot poles in front of the grid so she couldn't use momentum to drag herself in with.  I was upset that I had to do a crest release and let me mare sort it out on her own.  Honestly I think it's harder for me to let go of my contact with her mouth than it is for her.  She handled it just fine...

The grid was set up on the center line so we alternated turning left or right after and the mare was awesome.  She was back to a balanced canter within 3 strides, ready for a change and rocked the 12(ish) meter rollback like a balanced normal horse.

We never set the fences up that high, maybe 2'6" for the cross rails and about 3' for the ramped oxer at the end? nothing huge, but lots of fun! Prair even sat back and lifted her shoulders through the whole thing which is a new trick that I like lots.

The only downside to my lesson today was that I got to the barn and realized I had left my "barn bag" (with boots, breeches and a sports bra) in my kitchen.  At home.  Not near the barn at all.

A fellow boarder had an extra pair of socks, so I stuffed my jeans in the new Tredsteps, tucked in my work shirt and tightened my bra as best I could.  Certainly not the classiest move I've ever done, but it worked out ok.... Although it did force a trip home to change into non-horsey clothes prior to returning to work.

Oh well.

The good news is the boots are proving to be a good choice.  I'm liking how they ride (even in jeans) and the pain behind my knee/on my heels is minimal!

Also feeling very good about the show next week! Fingers crossed it stays warm and the mare keeps acting like a lover. 
It's so fun when it's fun. :)


  1. My horses are all a lot quieter in the "heat" also, lol! I remember when I lived in Alabama that 80 was perfect riding temps, now that I live in Whatcom county - 80 is HOT!!! My first summer in WA I wore a winter jacket all summer, lol! Everyone thought I was nuts, and I thought that THEY were nuts for running around in shorts.... however it is currently 83 degrees in my house, and I am sitting around in shorts, a tank top and am pouring sweat! How time (and having children, apparently) changes things!

  2. Haha when you find that magical place that is 75 degrees year round, please let me know! It's currently 90+ here and Limerick is lazy as all get out. I'm glad that Prair has been stellar lately, that definitely bodes well for the show! I'll keep my fingers crossed :)

  3. Definitely sounds like a dream!

  4. Glad you had a good lesson!

  5. Ahhh love those rides!! Hope you get a nice 75 and perfect mare at the show :)

    Oh and yay that the boots are working out so well!


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