Monday, April 14, 2014

(Emotional) Consolation Prize

I didn't Prair this weekend, she's on lock down/stall rest and well... That's sort of boring (for all of us).  

To ease my pouting over missing the second week of showing, the Ribbon Gods smiled and saw fit to send me our circuit awards from Thermal. 

Not quite as exciting as ribbons freshly won, but still. Satin nonetheless.  The streamers are excessively long.  The ribbon whore in me says that "fancy" ribbons should have more elaborate rossettes and more streamers.  Three 36" long streamers almost look puny on the normal sized rosettes.  

(not complaining, just saying if I am ever in the enviable position of ordering ribbons, they will be bigger and fluffier for things like circuit awards.)

oooohhhh, ahhhhhhhh
 For her Second Half championships Prair got embroidered saddle pads which will be great for schooling.  They aren't gorgeous, or even all that impressive, but they are functional, fairly large (good for the ogilvy), and they say "SECOND HALF CIRCUIT CHAMP."  So that's sorta bad ass.

For her Grand Circuit Championship, Prairie got a *gorgeous* Horseware cooler. It's dark gray with white piping and Hunter trim - which I think will look fab on Prair's black coat. 

Also, it's fleecey on the inside, but more of a smooth tech fabric on the outside.  Kinda slick...

Might be our new dress sheet for shows. :)

In terms of the show itself, the barn cleaned up.  I think every horse that showed got at least one tri-color, and some of the divisions were 30+ horses, so that's no joke.  Our head groom takes so much pride is showing off the ribbons, he ended up putting up two extra strings for all the tri-colors and first place ribbons.  It was a little absurd, but looked impressive. 

The horses all made it home yesterday, so hopefully Prair doesn't feel like she's still in solitary confinement.  Vet it out tomorrow so we'll take advantage of a split farm call and see if we can replicate the lameness again... and if so... PICTURE TIME.  pricey, pricey, picture time....



  1. That cooler looks cool. I want to win stuff! Hope the vet has answers with a small price tag.

  2. So many ribbons! I want to live your life? K, thx! :-D

  3. Awesome swag! And agree, rosette's should be fluffy if not specialized.

  4. That is one badass stall front, kudos to the groom! So much awesome stuff, congrats on the wins!

  5. Ohhhhhhhhhh, ahhhhhhhhhhhh #totesjealous :)

  6. My eyes are burning from the sheer number of ribbons hanging there! 2 more rows indeed!!

  7. Dang look at all those ribbons!!! Love that the head groom loves to show them off, that is awesome!

  8. My goodness that's a lot of satin, both for you and for your barn! So cool that your head groom does stuff like that.

    So I admit, I've never been at a barn where there are actual grooms. Can you maybe do a post some time about what it's like? Obviously they do so much more than, well, GROOMING. What are their backgrounds and responsibilities (other than showing off all the satin)? Curious eventer, here!

  9. wow, that's a lot of ribbons. crazy!

  10. Good luck with the vet tomorrow! Hope for good news

  11. ALL THE SATIN! Congrats again :-)

  12. Fantastic satin & prize haul - you guys killed it!
    I hope the vet can help with the mystery offness - shall keep all crossed for answers & cures

  13. Loving the haul. Best of luck with the vet.

  14. That cooler is gorgeous! I can't wait to see it on Prairie.

    Wow your barn cleaned up! That's an insane amount of ribbons. :D

    Keeping my fingers crossed the lameness is gone.

  15. Hope it goes well with the vet!


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