Thursday, April 17, 2014

My Brain is Rotting (and a belated birthday)

Apparently whatever part of my brain used to meticulously bake horse treats and make carrot/oat/molasses mashes for my horses' birthdays has totally deteriorated, as I no longer am able to even manage an on time birthday peppermint..

I definitely forgot the mare's birthday in 2012...

An attempt at cute, belated birthday photoshopping
And then managed to forget again in 2013....

A sadder, less sincere attempt at belated birthday photoshopping
And, because why stop a good trend? I totally spaced on it yet again this year.

Prair's birthday was on Monday, and she turned a grand 'ol NINE.  NINE! that's a grown up horse age. She sounded so young and spry when I bought a relatively green six year old in 2011, but nine?? How did that happen?

Nine is time to grow up and get some shit done.  (which admittedly would be easier if she was sound and I was riding...minor details).

Because I was feeling particularly guilty about missing the Big Day and because the poor mare got poked and prodded by the vet instead of fed peppermints and birthday goodies, I even took the time to edit a new birthday picture.  Astounding, I know.

facing the other way and everything!


  1. Happy Birthday Mare!! 9 is a good age. Oh FYI Your trainer is totally judging the next show I am going to. lol

  2. Happy Birthday, Prairie!

  3. Aww such a pretty girl! Happy birthday to her!

  4. Happy birthday, Prairie! I can't believe she's 9 already.

  5. Hahaha awww, Happy Birthday Prair!! :)

  6. Happy Belated B-Day Prair! She is a beautiful mare.(And hate to tell you the brain thing gets worse post kid)

  7. Agree with Kitty Kat. I used to be so sharp...sigh.
    Prairie will appreciate the peppermints on whatever day she receives them. I would say your successes at Thermal count as "getting 'er done".
    Happy birthday, Prair!

  8. Happy Birthday Prair! You can totally blame forgetting her birthday next year on baby brain... can't say the same for the other years though :P

  9. Happy Birthday Prairie!! Don't feel bad for forgetting. I do too. Also I can't believe you've had her three years already! Time flies so quickly.


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