Monday, January 5, 2015

A New Home for Gus!

I haven't been broadcasting it on the blog yet, but behind the scenes we've been working on me admitting that two horses 90 min from each other is not a good accessory to baby.  (wah). 

(A good testament to that fact is that I'm hammering out this post while watching a slightly fussy, slightly annoyed baby squirm around in her crib.... )

So we've been quietly looking for the perfect option for Gus man, and true to blog-land fashion, this incredible little community seems to have provided the answer!

Meet Jessica.  She's a reader, mom to two (adorable) kiddos, one OTTB named Chance and a bulldog - on top of working her way toward being a vet.  

(and here I am wondering how to feed one baby, ride one horse and maybe get some laundry done....maybe.  oof)

It's Jess!
Much like myself, Jessica's horse addiction can be blamed on a grandmother who gifted well intentioned riding lessons not knowing (or maybe knowing) that years down the road some poor fool of a man would have to deal with the consequences. 

After growing up in the H/J world, Jessica stumbled back into horses as an adult when she started leasing an OOTB named Chance.  As is often the case in these lease-first-love-affairs, it wasn't long before Chance was all hers (for better or worse).

They've learned a lot together and have forged a great partnership, complete with the appropriate number of treats (and kids to dispense said treats.

Love an OTTB face
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Good guy that he is, Chance still isn't totally husband (or kiddo) safe, which is where Gus comes in.  Jessica's daughter has been taking lessons and starting her own horse addiction, just, without an actual horse of her own. 
(Cannot WAIT for our little girl to be holding her own lead rope, I mean CUTE)

Plus the whole family is moving to a small farm of their own in the spring (jealous) - so having a Gus to haul a husband, or a daughter (or herself!) around without a second thought is perfect.  I'm sure Chance will appreciate another old man pasture buddy too.

So that's the next adventure for Gus.  Brookledge should be picking him up sometime this week, and he should be walking off the trailer ready to surprise the kids 3 days after that.

I'm really going to miss having Mr Gus around to ride, play with and enjoy loving on - and I know M2 will miss him even more.  But knowing that he'll have kids to call his own, another old man to enjoy his pasture time with and a burgeoning vet to keep an eye on him?  well that's just better than any horse mom can hope for.  And I've learned that if you can find a better home for a horse then you can provide yourself - that there is joy in watching your horse enjoy that new home and new job (and lots and lots and lots of treats). 

We will, of course, be expecting regular updates, especially the always adorable new-horse-delivery photos.

Gus is going to be *great* at this


  1. Awwww, congratulations on finding the perfect home for Mr. Gus! I'm sure it will be tough not having him around all the time, but knowing that he's going to make a little girl verrrrry happy is totally worth it :)

  2. Wow! Sounds like you found an awesome home for Gus! Go you! So happy for him, for you, and for his new family!

  3. How hard for you, but what a great situation for Gus!

  4. what a great story - it really sounds like the perfect opportunity for everyone involved! very bitter sweet to say goodbye, but hopefully the updates will come often!!

  5. What a great happily ever after for Gus!

  6. What a great situation for everyone! :-) So glad you found a good place for him.

  7. Aw! Great ending for Gus' story with you :) You should be so proud that you gave him such a great home and found him an even better one!

  8. What a great situation for Mr. Gus!! It sounds like a really ideal situation!

  9. Oh that makes me so happy! Yay for Gus!

  10. That is so awesome!! Ask them to take video when the kids find out so we can all cry along with them!

  11. That is so awesome!!!!! Does she have a blog?? I hope we can keep up with Gus when he goes to his new home.

  12. Sounds like an amazing next step for Gus. Now to convince the lovely Jess to add blogging to her bag of tricks so that we can all learn how to be such awesome multi-taskers in the hopes of balancing the lives we lead better. #inspirational ♡

  13. Catching up on blogs... what a perfect home!!

  14. Ah Gus!! Hope you love your new home and kids!


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