Friday, January 9, 2015


I got an email from a fellow boarder last night that Prairie got herself cast around 6pm.

She couldn't have been there more than 20minutes, but 20 minutes is definitely long enough to do some damage.

Our head groom and his brother got her up by pulling her neck and getting enough leverage to roll her away from the wall... Which makes me cringe even though I know that's one of the safest ways to scooch a big, prone, horse.

Initially it sounds like she walked it off fine and fellow-boarder says she was eating and drinking when she finally left for home - but I'm still nervous.

Having the vet out today as a precaution just to take a peek and make sure nothing is festering under the radar... Ugh.

And here I was all excited to post about our last couple of lessons, but they aren't feeling very significant at the moment.

Fingers crossed. (Again.)

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  1. :( fingers crosses for you both!

  2. OMG that's scary! Crossing my fingers and toes that she's ok

  3. oh no!! hope everything's ok!!

  4. Miles got cast in his stall right after Christmas and then gave a small colic scare. Luckily after some Banamine, he was just fine. Fingers crossed for Prair!

  5. Fingers crossed for you, how frustrating :(

  6. Oh Prairie!
    Sending healing vibes & keeping everything crossed that all is hunky-dory

  7. OMG NOOOO!!! This is not what you needed :( Definitely keeping my fingers crossed she continues to remain healthy!

  8. Why did you get an email from a fellow boarder and not a call from someone in charge? That would make me very cranky.

    Also, I hope she's ok. :(

  9. Oh no!!! Prayers that she is ok and feeling well!


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