Tuesday, August 11, 2015


Oops, it's been a month (almost).  Sorry for that.  Though rest assured, not much has happened in the last few weeks. 

Or at least, not much has happened with the mare.  My life on the other hand has been full of First World Problems that have literally thrown all planning and organization out the window.

They can be easily summed up by all of the following happening in a week:
Dealing with a crappy all inclusive resort, bringing home whatever god damn stomach bug everyone gets in mexico, firing the nanny and sending The Boy on the road for several consecutive weeks for work. 

I'm fully aware that all of these things fall squarely in the problems-that-aren't0really-problems category as they pretty much all have to do with being on vacation, or the jobs that allow us to go on vacation... but still - Life. Is. Chaos.  And also, if I'm going to (uncomfortably) lose 10lbs, I'd prefer it to happen BEFORE the beach and bikini trip, not after.  K thx.

When last I wrote, we were just headed off for the Summer Wedding Tour 2015.  It started off dandy- a lovely mountain wedding in Idaho with good friends and good dancing.  Then we headed south to Mexico, where we were again surrounded by great friends (and good dancing), but the resort itself was comedically tragic. 

In theory it was really nice.

In fairness it was really pretty...

but the reality of the place meant that literally everything that could go wrong did go wrong and that made for some stressful moments (especially for our lovely bride). 

I spent most of the time ignoring my phone, sending my parents terse "don't text. expensive. we're fine" messages, while simultaneously exchanging countless texts with my vet (oops) including one 25 minute phone call. 

Sorry mom!

Prair got a "quick" 3 month (face palm) check up which resulted in one (still) bad flexion and confirmation that while the DDFT is healing nicely, the suspensory branch is still inflamed and pissy. 

So, Prair's precious turnout got pulled and she's back on the previcox and aggressive icing protocol to try and get that under control.  I'm confident Prair is a good girl in turnout, but maybe the increased confinement will be the game changer.  Who knows. Fingers crossed.  She gets (another) check up next week where we will ultrasound if the flexion looks significantly better. 
On a slightly more entertaining level - I took the kiddo to the barn, which I realized I haven't actually done in a while.  I've been hoarding my barn time for myself and now that kiddo wants to run and play and put everything in her mouth (including manure bits she finds on the ground), taking her with me significantly dampens my ability to do anything other than stuff Prair full of treats. 

The baby hasn't actually seen the horses since she's started walking (or talking) and she was very entertaining.  Since we have mastered all our animal noises, she identifies everything by the noise it makes.  If she sees a cat, she meows and points, quacks at ducks, etc....

So obviously, when she saw all the horses, she... woofed.


Pointed and woofed. 

And then cried if any of them snorted or sneezed or nickered or did anything with their noses. 

Because that's terrifying I guess.  Who knows,  the crying seemed rude to me, but she's a toddler, what are you going to do.  After I ran out of carrots, I took Cayla for a walk around the farm with the idea of introducing her to the pony barn and letting her pick one out.  I thought maybe smaller "woofs" would be less intimidating. 

She loved it.  marched around pointing woofing at everything despite all of my proclamations of  "no, not woofs, PONIES" sigh. 


Finally we got to a pasture with ponies and she went "OOOOOOOOooooOOOO!" which I considered to be a more encouraging response. 
As the ponies walked up she still pointed and woofed, until she got to the little mini, who is a paint - so she Moo'ed. 

In fairness, I guess she's spotted like a cow, and at that point I was ready to accept anything that wasn't a woof.

So, Moo.


  1. ROFL @ the woofs and moos. Glad you survived the vacation from purgatory?

  2. What we need is the name of the resort and the issues so we know to avoid it if those are going to be a problem for us ;) Also, always get all the travel shots/inoculations etc. recommended by a travel clinic or your doctor (dukoral especially, if memory serves). I got married in Mexico, spent 2 weeks there, and we ate all the things and swam in a ton of cenotes, etc. My husband and I were the only ones who didn't have the fast track to weight loss. Which was great because, you know...honeymoon and all.

    Wishing the best for the mare. How is it we can be so broken in body and still push through and do stupid (fun) activities, while our huge beasts can be so fragile and not come back from even small injuries in a timely manner. Haha, I'm guessing a small part is that no one really cares if I'm lame at the trot, figuring I can make up my own mind about continuing. I really do hope your gorgeous girl's suspensory calms down and continues to do it's job.

  3. I think we need video evidence of the woofs and moos 😂

  4. LOL!! That is so stinkin' adorable!

  5. OMG she is adorable!! And I agree we need video of her Woofs and Moos.

  6. oh my word. I laughed out loud. Baby sounds are absolutely adorable and I love how she was trying to put them in context. video please!!

  7. Too cute! And the noises <3 " Who knows, the crying seemed rude to me, but she's a toddler, what are you going to do" HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

  8. Omg too funny! Sorry about prair,I hope she earns turnout again soon.


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