Friday, August 28, 2015

Vet Updates (again in plural)

You know it's suboptimal when you've had more visits with the vet(s) in the last month, than lessons...

While not unheard of in the horsey world - it's certainly not my favorite balance...

Anyway, when last we spoke (about Prair), she had a disappointing 3 month checkup and had her turnout totally pulled. 

Last week we had a 4 (jesus..) month checkup, and finally got a glimmer of good news. 

Prair was a 1.5 or 2/5 on the lunge (tight circle) and a 3/5 on the flexion.  It's a tad depressing that a 3/5 felt like a good result, but it's the first time we've seen significant improvement (from a 5/5) in this process, so I'm letting my expectations think that maybe, just maybe this is one of those super slow healing strains and we still have a shot of a solid recovery to flat work.

So, we've got a couple more months of hanging out again before we re-check, because at this point... clearly we need to go extremely slow and we don't have an agenda in terms of showing or seasons, or anything.

With regard to the poop doctor, the combo of antibiotic and high quality pro-biotic seems to have been a great 1-2 punch and for the last few weeks, all signs of diarrhea have been absent.  I've even been able to comb through her tail since it is no long in a constant state of manure-dreadlock.  So, while I'm sure Prair feels better, my grooming routine is also much more gratifying. 

I strongly prefer combing out a nice tail over pressure washing manure streaks off her poor tushy.  So that's a win all the way around (literally).

On the life front, there is a new nanny, so I am inching back toward the semblance of a schedule I was carving out that allows for some regularly scheduled days, both for the office and barn.  Very eager for that normalcy to be back. 

Beyond the regular life front, a casual perusal of potential new horsey options is still underway.  I'm trying to be more patient than I usually am, since a) I'm not wanting to move Prairier along any time soon (even as a brood mare) and b) with a kiddo the cash and time is severely restricted so there's no need to rush into a new pony commitment.

But that doesn't mean I can entertain suitors, and potential good matches.  There might be a gray that I'm flirting with, along with a couple other matches.  though I'm learning that shopping in a (good), structured program feels more like entering into an arranged marriage than my usual approach of going to the bar and trying to find a decent option that looks good, dances decently and doesn't have any obvious issues....


  1. Was just thinking about you gals today! Glad there's an update, happy there's progress in the right direction.

  2. Dang woman, I have followed you for sometime, and you really cant catch a break on the horsey front it seems. Shes in great care with you though! Hang in there.

  3. It's good to hear there has been some improvement atlesst. Tell us more about the potential ponies! 😍

  4. Progress is a good thing, even if it's slow :)

  5. Glad the poop issue has taken a back seat! Do share your potential dates- I love some shopping!


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