Thursday, October 29, 2015

Mementos - Etsy Style

The other day I was sitting on the couch scrolling through Insta drooling over lots of feeds ripe with gorgeous shots of Indoors, when a cool digital design caught my eye. 

I clicked through and found Designs by Isabel Wild, where for a small fee (though her prices are going up!) your favorite snapshots are posterized in quite a classy manner.

Ever since I mentally committed to retiring Prair from jumping (regardless of her rehab), I've been dreaming up fun ways to commemorate some of our accomplishments in a slightly more organized fashion than the garage Ribbon Wall.  (though I assure you the garage ribbon wall is totally and completely indexed across several different data points.)

When I saw what Isabel was doing, I immediately loved the idea of having a trio of images done (in tri-color hues), then somehow framing them with one or two of our circuit awards...

Knowing me and my total-lack-of-crafting skills, it's unlikely that I'll actually execute that plan anytime soon - But in the meantime I can thoroughly enjoy these images, one of which has obviously already become my wallpaper on both my phone and computer. 

If you're looking for a great way to stylize some of your favorite shots, I highly recommend giving this a try - that is, assuming you aren't already a photoshop ninja capable of doing it yourself ;)



  1. I saw these on your Insta and LOVE them! I think they're absolutely beautiful, and each one captures Prairie perfectly :) Think I have to get one for Roger!

  2. these are so cool! i was going to say I love the last one, but honestly, they are all fantastic!

    1. That's why I couldn't pick just one! I kept finding more photos I wanted done :)

  3. These are really neat. Very cool

  4. This is awesome, and so cute!! I love them all, but I think that first blue one is my favorite. If you end up making some of these yourself, I'd love a tutorial! I've had owned several horses in my life and I would love a way to commemorate the ones that have passed or that can no longer compete.

    Andrea Hart @ LeetWeb

  5. These are super cool. I'm really into art and graphic design, so this looks like the type of thing I would enjoy making. The bottom yellow one is my favorite - I like how it shows the relationship between the horse and the human so well. Please post an update if you end up doing any of these!

    James Holmes @ All Web LLC

  6. Those images are incredible. I really like how stark the relief of the silhouette is, and those excellent bright and saturated colors. It makes a photo look like it could be a graphic or a brand's logo. It could easily be an iconic image. Would be fantastic to use as an invite to a special occasion like birthday or a save the date.

    Peter Herrera @ Ingenious Business Marketing


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