Thursday, October 8, 2015

No one said it would be easy...

In fact, most people seem to agree that horse shopping is hard.  Frankly, on the list of things that I "think I love, but am totally sick of after 3 months" Shopping for a horse just barely nudges out shopping for a saddle to grab the top spot. 

Both things I love.  Both things I drool over incessantly and am quite proficient at daydreaming about. 

But both things are completely and utterly frustrating to look for after all of the "easy" options don't work out.

In fairness, this round of horsey shopping hasn't been horrible (yet). 

I'm only $300 in to my vet, and no hearts have been broken.  But as I mentioned a while back, I have been struggling with how my to blog about the process, and I still don't know what the correct answer is - but I have definitely identified a wrong one. 

In trying to keep the blog as a (small) outlet for excitement and progress, I have bamboozled myself.  Because, well- you guys are smart and you guys have opinions and my self-imposed limitations on how much info to share makes it totally impossible to respond to them

For a while I toyed with the idea of giving discretion and etiquette a big middle finger and just blogging everything, but then the wine worked its way out of my system and I came back to my senses. 

So, I will probably be going a tad radio silent until we have an end result.

And not because my feelings are hurt that not everyone loves MY BRAD (I totally admit he has flaws).  But more because I'm so frustrated that I can't provide more info and go into more of a dialogue.  I can't show you the other videos, or commentary, or give you more of a history because I don't think it's 100% appropriate at this juncture.  Particularly now that there is a Capital B. Capital N. Capital T. BNT involved.  (much to my chagrin). 

Anyway, so consider this my preemptive apology for (continued) boringess on the blog.  it's my sincere hope that this trip to in three weeks (omg it's never going to get heeeeeerrrrre) will provide some decent content - whether its from a fabulous Brad to bring home, or some massive fails.

Onward we go!


  1. I don't blame you. Try to enjoy the amazingness of the process and not stress!

    1. Screw enjoying the process. Just enjoy the wine! In fact, I'd be okay with you just sharing bottles of wine.

      Maybe assign each horse to a bottle, and describe them like wine. Is Brad round bodied, with a faint taste of chocolate and a lingering finish? Is your runner up nicely oaked with a hint of stone fruit? What does it mean?! ;)

  2. I'm looking forward to meeting whatever Brad you choose!

  3. We will love your Brad no doubt! The process is strenuous so you can share what you want at the end. Why add to the stress? It will be fun to read about youe new horse when you're ready. :)

  4. We will love your Brad no doubt! The process is strenuous so you can share what you want at the end. Why add to the stress? It will be fun to read about youe new horse when you're ready. :)

  5. I've been lucky to have amazing horses just fall into my lap but I know how frustrating it must be. I have a friend right now searching for her next love. She's had two dif horses fail vet checks and she's getting frustrated. It's the most annoying part of horse shopping, that is for sure.

    I will admit, Brad isn't my favorite :) But I'm not purchasing him, and if you're intent on getting through it, just know that there is an awesome light at the end of the tunnel and one day you'll be on the back of a perfect match!

  6. Can't wait to see who the big winner of a one way ticket to the US is!

  7. Discretion is generally best. The internet tends to get around, which is not always a good thing.


  8. When it comes to t'interwebs discretion is usually best, hope the search is fruitfulness for you. Be sure to let me know if you're coming into the Luxembourg neighbourhood & my girls (sorry I don't have any brads) and would love to show you the sights ☺

  9. wishing you luck!!! (and much wine)

  10. Fingers crossed for you! It is tricky to decide what to share online for sure.

  11. Can't wait to see what you pick!! So excited!!

  12. Modesty is the best policy? LOL.

    Good luck!


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