Monday, December 28, 2015

Start Em Young

The day after Christmas, somehow I managed to get the whole family down to visit Windsor, and then up to visit Prair.  Not only was it a homerun in terms of me seeing both beasts, but the fact that both The Boy and kiddo played along (nicely) was something of a belated Christmas Miracle.

First, we packed up and headed south to see Windsor and give him a hack.  The barn was extremely quiet, and save for one other boarder, we had the place to ourselves - which made it much easier to let Cayla run amok. 

She is currently obsessed with sweeping, so she went straight for the broom and proceeded to "sweep" the aisle for about an hour.

we forgot her gloves, so Dad's had to do..
I enjoyed some quiet horse time and an easy hack (with some pole work) before demanding that we put the kid on the horse and get at least one good picture.  Apparently my definition of "good" now includes poorly focused and blurry, but evidence has been had. 

Windsor saw unsupervised pockets to pick...
Cayla seemed pretty entertained by it and giggled when we walked Windsor forward a few steps, so I my confidence in having her ready for lead line this summer is growing. :)

After that, we headed home again, and worked on projects until we got back in the car for another drive, but this time headed North.

We got to Pair after the sun went down, so picture quality is really epically bad, but she looks great.  She's fat and happy and as furry as I've ever seen her. 

I forget how sweet that mare really is.  She just rested her nose on my shoulder and slowly wuffed soft breaths into my ear and let me love on her.  She was fascinated by the baby and there were several super adorable "kisses" where Prair was reaching down over her stall and Cayla was reaching up to kiss her nose.  God damn my old phone for not capturing that.   But I'll just have to stage it again at some other point.
Not only a badly lit picture, somehow its a bad angle for everyone...
We shared a nice post-holiday meal with my friend and caught up a bit before heading home for the night.  I am so grateful that Prair is getting such good care and in a place where I don't worry about her at all.  My plan is to be up there after the New Year to attempt to flex her and see if she's made any progress in the last few months.

So that's the Holiday update.  Cute gray horse, cute black horse and an adorable barn baby (and husband!)

Hope everyone else enjoyed theirs!


  1. So sweet! Love to see the mare doing well :)

  2. Yessssss, you need a poneh! So adorable. :)

  3. This is great! Can't wait to see Cayla start riding soon :) The question is...does she have enough hair yet for those cute Hunter kid pigtail braids and GINORMOUS hair show bows yet???

  4. So stinking cute the lot of them!

  5. Baby at the barn is just so precious! Prair seems to have the mommy instinct when it comes to Cayla. Totally adorable.

  6. If I ever have children I hope they like horses, because I will be plopping them on one as soon as I can!


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