Thursday, April 7, 2016

Blenheim Spring II - Back at It

After last week, everyone got a few well deserved days off.  The Boy and I zipped up to LA to see great friends, and Windsy enjoyed some downtime and lots of handwalks in preparation for his second week.

I was disappointed to see that the Pre-Greens got moved out of the big pretty grass field and into a sand ring, but I didn't realize how sad  I was going to be about that until we saw Windsor go.

We kept him in the 3' Lows (in the name of mileage) and he was kind of a twit.  He was just a bit tense, and was really landing a lot on his crosslead. 

(He kept going in the ring during Taylor swift songs, which YouTube mutes for copyright protection...)

Like enough that I was starting to hyperventilate about him being really ouchy about something....

He was just weird enough that we decided to scratch the 3'3" Pre Greens and knock back down to the 3'.  I was disappointed, but he really wasn't going all that well, and all the fluid awesomeness from the big grass field was gone.

The only upside was some serious empathy from the Trainer on how different he felt in the deep sand than he had been out in the field.  It's always good when she doesn't think I'm making crap up to explain my major mistakes...

Anyway, Winds sort of looked like crap.  The last Pre-Green round was better, but then he smacked the CRAP out of the back rail on the final oxer and decided to express some displeasure about tapping his little tootsies.

So, zero satin on the day.  He even missed the ribbons on the flat, which - wasn't terribly disappointing, but I had him pinned in the middle of the pack and somehow didn't even see the horse that snagged the blue. 

It was a bit of a frustrating day to say the least.  Winds was just a bit more irritable than I've seen him and I think everyone was a bit frustrated after his success last week.  He wasn't the only horse in the barn having an off day, so the energy all around was a bit muted....

Stinker Face
I will say we recovered on day two, but I'll get to that later.... Right now it's time for me to enjoy my hotel room, which is to say that I have sauv blanc in the mini fridge and HGTV going nonstop.



  1. He looks unimpressed in the crosstie pic. Can't wait to hear more about the redemption ;)

  2. That is sad to hear, the grass ring was so pretty. Fingers crossed his issues are all just related to sand/mental.

  3. I'm giggling too much at his angry buck to be tooooooo upset about the shocking lack of satin. For now.

  4. Nice buck there at the end Winds! Good grief. Well, I think he is incredibly handsome and gorgeous. Screw them judges!

  5. It always amazes me how picky 1000+lb about what surface they are on. He's still dreamy, little (un)happy buck and all.

  6. We all have off days, hopefully that is just what it was and he bounces back to his unicorn of awesome on the next day.

  7. Its hard to appreciate the unicorn days without some not so good ones! Your hotel room life sounds amazing. PS how do I sign up for your life? It sounds awesome


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