Friday, October 14, 2016

FBF: Windsor's trip to Worlds...

As we approach my first anniversary with Windsor, it seems only fitting to look back on what he was doing this time last year

(hint, it wasn't the 2'9" Low Adults... lol).

Instead, he was just getting home from his first (and only) trip to the Wold Championships to compete as one of the top 7 year olds in the world. 

While Winds did qualify on his own merits, by the time entries were sent, it had been decided that he probably didn't have the speed to be a top show jumper, but perhaps his style and scope would transition well to the US Hunter market...

So for this show he was under Andreas Kreutzer  - who aside from being rather charming and a lovely rider - had recently gone out of his own and was busy making a name for himself on the LGCT.  Since it was becoming clear Winds wasn't going to be a top 1.50m horse, this was his first time out deliberately asking him to go more as a hunter....

So here's a video of a 1.40m round at the championships. 

Winds looks like Winds.  Possibly a bit darker and a bit quicker than we are used to seeing him these days, but unmistakably him.

A month later, we showed up, fell in love and flipped his little gray world upside down.


  1. Are there two different horses hacking around and waiting their turn?T I know it's pretty normal to pop in near the end of the previous trip, but loading the next two in seems weird. Especially so early in the course.

    Anywho, Windsy looks fabulous. Going clear in a class like that is no joke!

    1. They REALLY believe in pre loading them in Europe, haha! It seems weird, but it is normal to have 3 in the ring over there. The others just stay out of the way until it's their turn

  2. Such mad skills 😍😍😍😍


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