Friday, March 29, 2013

Birthday Teaser!

Happy Birthday Gusford! 

We still don't know a ton about Gussie, but we do have his USEF number and that number declares that he turns 16 (gasp!) today.  For his birthday he will be getting a bath, some treats and a trip to a schooling show where hopefully he will also be awarded some Birthday Ribbons.

Gus was also lucky enough to get some Glamor Shots taken by Supermom yesterday. 

(Supermom squeezed in a trip to the barn to take some great shots of a horsey before he goes to a new owner and we just piggybacked a little/lot)

Supermom happens to be at a show herself this weekend, so we won't see his finished Birthday Portraits quite yet, but we do have a few teasers.

Having taken Supermom shots with Pia, Prairie and now Gus I can hands down declare that Gus is the biggest ham/poser of the bunch.  Could not stop him from arching his cute little neck and pricking his fuzzy pony ears.  This old man definitely knows when he's getting attention...
Did you want a hug?
 Supermom got some fabulously adorable shots of Gus' cute face and nose, so we will have a full "beak shot" collection.  The Boy thinks that nose pictures are weird but they are some of my favorites!


  1. Happy Birthday Gus!
    Those pictures are adorable.

  2. Happy Birthday Gus! He is seriously adorable, like seriously!

  3. He is so cuuuute! Happy Birthday Gus!!

  4. He is so adorable! Happy birthday to him!

  5. He is adorable. Happy birthday to him!

  6. Belated birthday wishes to Gus - I LOVE photos so cannot wait to see the finished result! :D


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