Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Trunk Updates

Well the trunk is coming along nicely.

It is trimmed and stained.

The hinge is on (with catch chains until the gas shocks show up).

Casters have been firmly attached to the bottom.

And Dad finally figured out how to make a decent saddle rack that's "removable" when I don't want to be taking up half the trunk with a saddle.

The color came out dark than anticipated, but I like it.  The photos make it a bit green/gray but it's really more of a dark brown.  Not your "traditional" coloring by any means but really close to the dark stain that I love in my parents home.  Not too surprising that I like it on the trunk then..

The trim is beautiful.  but apparently the trim strips available at the lumber shop were not quite what Dad was thinking... so he machined the trim out of larger planks and then beveled the edges beautifully.  He also put a trim piece in where the hasp will eventually be mounted.

  Then, in a fit of inspiration he mounted a "saddle rack" which I think is just brilliant.  Originally we were thinking of making a saddle-rack-shaped-box, so that you could store things in it, then set your saddle on top.  But instead this is what Dad came up with:

The brackets are mounted into the trunk, but then the dowels just nest into slots.  This means that either the dowels are held in place by the weight of the saddle, or can be easily lifted and removed to open up the space entirely. 

SO CLEVER.  I love it.  Even when a saddle is being held in the rack, there is plenty of space below for blankets, boots, whatever.  Brilliant and simple.

Next steps are acquiring hardware (hasp, handles etc), installing the gas shocks to support the lid and continuing to brainstorm on internal organization.

I think the trunk will be "operational" enough by our next show to give it a test run and then have notes for any changes that need to be made...



  1. Replies
    1. Not yet? So far it's lighter than I expected.. probably 40lbs as is.. However, it still has weight to gain in shelves/boxes/etc so it'll get heavier. It's on extra big casters now which make maneuvering on the ground super easy, but it probably won't be a joy to lift (especially when crammed full for a show). My theory is that most of my "tack" will still go in my trailer for hauling, leaving only small bits and pieces in the trunk until I arrive at a show.. Which is when I really "fill it up" But who knows. If this one ends up too heavy, then we build Tack Trunk 2.0 and enlist some carbon fiber :)

    2. Haha. Those things always get weighed down once you start filling them. I was just curious since its made out of wood (and because I now want one, of course)

  2. Gas shocks? I love your dad. If he and my dad retired together, we would probably end up with the world's most over engineered barn, and it would be beautiful. ;)

    1. everything in my life is over engineered.... :)

  3. That looks awesome I've just started reading your blog and I find it really interesting!

  4. So freaking cool! Totally agree - your father may be the most brilliant man ever. That saddle rack is absolute genius.

  5. The dowel rig removable saddle rack is genius.

    I also have an over engineering + extremely helpful Dad - behind his back we call him WW III because it would take another world war to undo things after he builds them. ;D

  6. I'll admit to being a tack storage ho', and I must say you've got me drooling a bit over this. Kudos to your dad! The saddle rack is brilliant.

  7. Wow! I love the saddle rack idea. How neat is that!?

  8. There is something about the way people who are good at woodworking etc think that is just awesome. Love it!

  9. Oh my this is gorgeous and so clever!!!!!!!! I want one! He needs to make blueprints for us lol.


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