Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Prepping P1

Life has whipped back up into a maelstrom and I'm not 100% how time is flying so fast, but it is.  Feels like I just started Pia on the GastroGard and yet I'm packing her sleepover bag and getting ready to move her tomorrow

After a weekend away, I busted out of the office a bit early and headed to the barn to hopefully ride at least one mare, and make their grain baggies for the week.  Somehow the sun managed to blast through the clouds so I pulled blankets, grabbed P2 and tacked up for a light hack.  I forgot my spurs and after spending 10 minutes trying to kick, thwack, beat her into a productive dressage school I just stopped, unzipped my jacket for the first time since November and hacked out on the buckle in the sunshine. 

It was the correct decision. 

Afterward I grabbed P1, shoved her GastroGard down her beak and prepped grain baggies.  But I still had a few precious minutes before my evening meeting so I threw tack on, hit the indoor (not quite brave enough for the outdoor) and had a speedy, but super lovely WTC ride on the red mare.  I haven't really been thinking about the fact that Pia is leaving again, or that I won't see her nearly as often, but it hit me yesterday as I was walking her around and she was doing her best to be a happy, normal horse. 

Her new spot is about 2 hours closer than Summer Camp though, so I know there will be plenty of opportunities for visits and a few trail rides..

But yesterday it was nice to have a few quiet moments with Pia.  That is, until I tried to put her blanket on for the night and she promptly attempted to take a bite of out me...  Sigh.  Mare needs some more turnout.  Stat.

Anyway, I think the GastroGard is helping.  Pia seems to be way less bitchy about me touching her girth area and in general has a bit softer of an eye.  Yesterday she was less obsessed with Prairie being gone, but she is also in raging heat so the gelding next door was commanding all of her attention.

Anyway, today I get her stuff organized figure out what blankets should go, etc and then tomorrow Pia has an early pedicure before we hit the road! I'm excited to see how she does at her new home.  I feel like the GastroGard is helping and since she still has a week or so left, she shouldn't immediately redevelop ulcers from the stress of changing barns. 

Fingers crossed that this proves to be a positive change for the mareface!


  1. Aww so sad to see her moving again, but I'm glad it's closer than summer camp was. She's going to love it. :) I'm glad the GastroGuard is helping too. Keeping my fingers crossed that they don't come back. Are you going to put her on one of the maintenance ones?


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