Monday, March 11, 2013

Operation Tack Trunk

So my darling Father recently (mostly) retired from our family business. I think I've mentioned his new found excess of time as one of the motivating factors for a "farm" search but if I didn't, it is.

In the meantime however, under severe threats from my mother to "keep him busy" I have been making a wish list of projects that I can use his help on.  A few weeks ago S mentioned that she's always wanted a nice bit box, so BAM - he made a bit box.  It was super pretty, classy hardware and the inside organization makes it easy to have four rows of bits, or to divide the box into half bits, half random crap.

Dad is also the creative force behind the barn tack locker remodels.  He's done two of mine and then got pimped out to other barn ladies to help makeover their own lockers.

These are the sort of projects he adores.

Anyway, he was asking for another task and while I was considering asking for a smaller bit box for me, I decided that why not dream big and get a big girl tack trunk.

I sent dad a couple of websites and pictures of "things I like" in a tack trunk and two hours later he sent me this:

oh hey box.
It's... 32" tall, 40" (ish wide) and 24" deep.  He sorta compared the average measurements, then did his typical "how can I maximize the pieces of wood I already have" drill and hammered this out with only one additional sheet of plywood purchased.  The result is a good sized trunk that I think will be REALLY useful.  It's on the larger side for a trunk, but since it's primary purpose will be to "hold everything" at shows (as opposed to be useful at home) I think bigger is better.  I'd like to be able to lock a saddle in it when possible, which basically means that our chosen dimensions are about as small as we dare go...

Last night per his request I dumped off some extra tack (boots, saddle, bridle, wraps, pads, etc) so that he can play around with the inside configuration.  His vision is something that can stow everything for a show (including a saddle) but then when it's open it sort of flips and folds out so that you can hang things on the outside of the box for ease of use.

The Lid is 8" deep  and the thought is it will have a "locker" for two bridles (mirror on the front for hairnetting), a couple smaller boxes for spurs/gloves/small things and then a place for tall boots.  The main trunk will have a saddle rack (with storage under) pad hanger, brush box, (removable) bandage box and possibly a tray on top.  He's been playing with a pegboard to figure out how to make the components attach to the outside of the trunk without gumming up the aesthetic appearance too much with extra hardware.

Anyway.  When I expressed a concern that perhaps I should "do more research" and potentially "decide what I want."  I was met with a scrunched up face and assurance that if this wasn't the perfect trunk he'd just keep making more prototypes until it was.

Ah brilliant.

Let me know if anyone wants to be on the wait list for rejects ;)

Stay tuned for updates....


  1. Your dad is awesome! I would take your regects any day, though I suppose shipping would be cost-prohibitive!

  2. WOW, your dad is amazing! My dad went through a similar phase right after he retired; I have a lovely set of reproduction 1880s lawyers bookshelves to prove it.

    But um, if your dad gets really bored, can I borrow him? I've got a fence that needs building, and a hall tree I want to make for our entry way... not to mention a bazillion other "little" projects!

  3. So lucky! I wish I could get my dad to do projects like that, it's more like pulling teeth with him. Can't wait to see the finished product, sounds really neat!

  4. It's lovely :) Mike recently made me a feed bin that's similar to this. The blanket box is next.

  5. What is the family business I wonder?

    1. We sell *really sexy* things like sewer pipe and fire hydrants and drainage material. It's not the most glamorous industry but it's fun and it keeps the ponies in sparkly browbands and peppermints!

  6. Sweet! My dad wouldn't know what to do if I suggested a project like that... Or he'd ask- how much is it to buy one probably since power tools aren't really his thing.

  7. Jealous! And I wish I was closer as I would have him busy for at least a year with projects. You are so lucky!

  8. Wow! I wish I could con my father into doing that. He probably could. I'd just need to convince him! Looks amazing!

  9. *raises hand*

    I'll take any rejects. ;)


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