Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Giving Paprika a Go

Last year, P2 bleached out so much that I think I'm going to try Paprika.  She hates her fly sheet so I know that's not a solution for 100% of the summer, and realistically we live in the Northwest.  I could stand naked outside all summer and end up soaked from rain long before I risked a sunburn...
mmm spicy.
But I digress.  I know Paprika tests, and we'll have to pull her off before shows and whatnot, but I'm curious to see if it makes a difference. 

I found five pounds of the stuff for $10 which I think is pretty decent, here.  I guess we'll add it to grain baggies (Gus is black so he'll get some too) and see if they'll object. if they do, i guess ill be cooking a lot of smoked paprika chicken... or making one billion deviled eggs... 

Trying to avoid this chic summer trend...


  1. I'm gonna recommend Omega 3. I pumped my guy full of it and he blossomed with dapples last year :)

  2. Let me know how it works! We have major bleaching issues here in Texas, and fly sheets are too hot when it's over 100.

  3. I've done this- actually I made my own skin & coat mix of flax, chia and paprika- works like a charm!

  4. My black mare is too picky for paprika, which is a bummer. I hope it works for you! (PS - what color are your breeches? I want a pair that is not grey but not beige, but exactly that color you are wearing in that photo. Random, I know.....thanks! :-)

    1. I ADORE those breeches. My brother knocked it out of the proverbial park when he gave them to me for christmas a few years ago. I'd never splurge on them myself (well, maybe I woulld now that I know they are THE BEST) but I literally wear them 9 rides out of 10.

      I guess the color is "bronze" it's really more of a putty/tan/taupe-ish thing.



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