Monday, March 18, 2013

Trunk Monogram

The Trunk isn't making much progress this week due to semi-retirement taking the official-trunk-maker on a ski trip instead of keeping him locked in his trunk-making-shop, but I am pushing forward myself.

In a search for a nifty big monogram thing I turned to Etsy (savior for all things fabulous and surprisingly affordable) and found ENC Creations. After a few messages back and forth with the shop owner to see if they could try to match the "K" style of monograms from Dover (which is what I always select for my few monogrammed pieces) I recieved 4 different mock ups to choose from and then we went into production.

The end result is rad.  It's a 14" diameter, cut steel piece that has been finished with a copper tint.  I even remembered to mention I wanted to mount it on said trunk so it will arrive with pre-drilled mounting holes. 

For $50 it is more unique and much larger than anything else I could find.  I think it'll be a beautiful main ornament for trunk.

The shopping/design/feedback process was all speedy and efficient.  If I decide I need more giant metal monograms (for more trunks, duh) I would absolutely return to ENC.  And I'd wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone else..



  1. AWESOME! I am beyond smitten with it! SO cool!

  2. Etsy is a magical place. The monogram looks great - I can't wait to see how snazzy it looks on the trunk. You will be the envy of all you meet in Hunterland.

  3. Nice work. I love it. It is going to look awesome on your trunk!


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