Friday, March 8, 2013

Safely Settled

Aside from some miserable rain, P's move on Wednesday went fabulously.

Well- it went fabulously once we were on the road. The mornings at the barn was another story. P ran me over, ran away and spent the entire morning reminding how big of a twit she can be. She was in flaming raging heat which explained her behavior but in no way mitigated it.

The only "good thing" she did was scamper onto the trailer without a second thought. However once we were on the road she hauled quietly and behaved.

After 90 minutes off crappy sloppy highways we made it to my friends farm and unloaded without ado. Pia walked off calm and alert but not crazy. All of the stalls have runs attached and open fronts (no bars) which lets the horses nose and talk and see each other without trying too hard. Pia immediately nosed with her neighbor and peered suspiciously out into her run.

After about twenty minutes she was happily walking around, munching hay and making friends.

After catching up over a nice long lunch I headed home (and the out of state again) but have gotten lots of pictures of P's first few days.

Right now P gets to play with another "difficult" war blood mare, an adorable little welsh gelding and an even more squeal inducing 9 month old welsh colt.

Thursday was the first day they all got turned out together, and after thumping the colt a few times everyone settled into happy grazing.

So far all seems well. P is calm and happy and behaving socially. Which is really all I want for her.

She's such a pretty, fabulous girl when shes in a good place.

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  1. That may be the best typo ever - "WAR blood mare." Pia definitely seems like there are times she's ready to do battle!

    Glad to hear that she's settled in well to her new place and is happy. That's really the best thing for them - some sort of setting where they are happy being horses. I'm so glad you found this new arrangement for her!

    1. Agree completely! Cracked up when I read that :)

  2. Awwww she's so cute (well when she's not running you over) and I'm so happy she's happy in her new home. :D

  3. Glad the move went (fairly) smoothly, and hope she's very happy in her new home!


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