Friday, March 1, 2013

Ready for her (tiny) Closeup

I escaped the rain for a long weekend in Deer Valley... So while I'm lamenting the lack of ponies, the presence of wine, good friends a roaring fire and an insane ski in/out lodge right on the mountain... I think I'll survive :)
Anticipating lots of good cozy couch time I stocked up on magazines including the random horsey newsletters That have been piling up on the coffee table yet. Among the pile? Warmbloods Today - which is about the right mix of pretty stallion ads and medium interesting profiles on random riders.

Anyway, there's a teeeennnny tiny picture of Prair and her last baby (Real Prada) in an ad for the farm I got P2 from. She wasn't bred there, but rather was imported for her big gaits and black coloring both of which were good assets to the breeding program.
I've seen this picture of second baby before... But I'd love to see more as she grows up. Her coloring is wild!

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  1. Prairie is famous!! Hehe! Her baby is definitely wild! I would love to see grown up pictures of her babies too. That would be so cool. I keep forgetting that Prairie was a broodmare. I bet she likes jumping better lol!

  2. Sweet baby pic! I forgot Prairie was a broodmare also.

  3. Oh you got her from Cocolalla! I didn't know that!

  4. Oh, Cocolalla! I like their horses! What's her registered name?

  5. Just saw this and had to share- Prairie!


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