Friday, June 21, 2013

Boots (or how my visa finally exploded into a million pieces)

I have a semi-diagnosable addiction to Boots.  Boots of all sorts.  Rubber boots, riding boots, absurdly high heeled boots, flat boots, leather boots, canvas boots, boots boots boots.

You can read more about my obsession with Boots as they relate to this blog Here, here and Here.

Therefore it is without too much shock that I convinced myself of a need for (more) boots.  I've been thinking about new boots ever since the (too-new-to-admit-I-don't-love-them-anymore) Konigs dropped about 5 more inches than I was hoping they would and now look like I'm wearing some sort of abhorrent boot equivalent of capris. 

This is sort of to be expected since my legs are of mutant proportions and I've never bothered with custom boots.  But Boot-Capris are not very sharp looking and particularly in the overly subjective Hunter Ring I feel like I might as well have shown up to the party in pink cowboy boots.

So, while I've been considering what boots I might get if I consider someday maybe getting new boots... this week I had a fit after watching video and reviewing photos from the last couple shows.  This fit coincided with a glass of wine that emboldened me to impulsively purchase a new pair.

I spent more money than I ever have before on boots.  In fact, I think if you add up what I paid for all four pairs of leather tall boots that I've ever owned in my life ever, the total would still be less than one this one pair.

(I will confess to owning a pair of absurdly gorgeous over the knee lovelies that did in fact surpass the price tag of the new boots, but I maintain that I bought the absurdly-gorgeous-lovelies when I didn't have horses and couldn't be expected to spend all my money on horsey things).
missing boot.

oh god.
For the record, here is my history of Tall Boot Purchases.

1995 - Devon Aire Cheap-Ass Field Boots (On sale and ill fitting) for $119
1997 - Effingham Field Boots in what seemed like a perfectly fitting Tall/Slim for $198. (for the record I still school in these things daily.  they are worth their weight in gold.  Ugly as sin though.)
2010 - Konig Dressage Boots.  Bought used from my then Trainer they were a steal at $150 and fit me oddly well.
2012 - Konig traditional Field Boots.  On sale at my local tack shop they were marked down from $900 to $299.  I snapped them up like whoa.

Thus far that's a total of $766 spent on boots, 3 pairs of which are still totally functional and get used (lord knows where the Devon Aires ended up..).  The Dressage boots fit nicely, the other two (while squishy and comfortable like socks, leave something to be desired).

I feel pretty good about that.  So good in fact, that I figured a big Boot Splurge hardly impacts my per year cost of boots (assuming I depreciate the cost of all boots back to the initial leather boot purchase of 1995. That's how accounting works, right?)

Does it sound like I'm trying to justify a totally unnecessary expense? Cause I am...

 Anyway.  I'm sure you're thinking "Jesus woman, didn't you just spend a fortune on a saddle that doesn't fit?" (ps saddle has been sent off for adjustments, it's gone again... WAH).

Or perhaps you're also thinking "Jesus woman, didn't you just drain the horsey account at a show? and on Gus' weird nicotine patch things, and on Prairie's new open fronts? and on EVERYTHING ELSE YOU CONSTANTLY SPLURGE ON!????"

If that's what you're thinking, then yes. You would be correct.  And I deserve to be scolded.  A lot.

But instead I said "God dammit, if I'm spending all this money on shows and saddles and giving the hunter ring the college try, then I should not look like a ragamuffin at a middle-school fun show."  At the very least the photos of us standing still or on the flat should look decent.  (over fences is another issue, but boots can't fix that).

So while an unnecessary expenditure is to totally be expected, what isn't to be expected is for it to happen without significant Tack Ho research.  I googled for about as long as that glass of wine lasted me before throwing up my hands in an expletive ridden bout of self assurance and pressing "confirm order."

So my dear readers (and poor husband), in about a week I am expecting a pair of brand new Sergio Grasso Imperias to be delivered.  I somehow took comfort in the fact that I "saved" $50 by not getting the Veronas.  Much like with the CWD there is a voice in the back of my head going "they won't be riiiiiiight.... something won't be perrrfecccctttt" and I can assure that for their hefty price tag they will be promptly returned if I don't think they will fit my mutant legs like I hope they will.   Part of me thinks there a chance I'll exchange for the Veronas, which have a slightly slimmer profile...  Realistically I went with the Imperias on the sole basis that they have a swagger tab, which the Veronas do not and I think that makes them look a bit too.... boring.

But can we just pause for a sec and oogle the pretty boots?  I think they would be a stunning addition to the collection. 

So, that's my confession.  Forgive me readers for I have splurged.  It has probably only been about 20 hours since my last splurge/confession.


  1. Oh girl, return them, return them now! And get yourself to a La Mundial booth and get some custom boots for $700. They are the bomb, I got fitted August 2012, and they arrived in November 2012 and I will probably never own an off the rack boot again. I am a midget, and if you have mutant legs you need to get yourself a custom boot.

  2. haha. Will you hate me if I say I don't really like the look of the LM's?? I think they make people's feet look weird, though not that many people around here have them (they come to one show a year up in our corner of the world) so I haven't seen a huge variety...

    I might be with you on customs. I'm giving the SG's a shot to see if they can fit well enough (their HE size seems to get the height component anyway..). It's very possible they will be returned and a custom order placed. Though I think CWD has used up all my "wait patiently for nice things" time for the next 10 years....

    1. I won't hate you and you can get everything custom including the feet. I love love love love mine, and had only see them "on the shelf" so to speak, Most comfortable amazing boot ever and like I said FULLY custom at $700 is hard/impossible to beat.

  3. So I have kind of a weird comment, and I hope it comes across as intended :-)

    I read A LOT of horse related blogs. One thing the majority of them have in common is the authors are usually on a tight budget/ young and understandably "poor"/ also have kids, so also understandably "poor". In some ways this is great, as I learn about all sorts of ways to save on horse-stuff, and I learn about amazing things on their wish lists :-)
    **I fall into this category. I am not yet able to afford my own horse. LA is a ridiculously expensive place to keep a horse if one wants to actually be at a proper training barn.

    Your blog, however, is unique because you actually have money to actually afford the stuff and the horses and the shows and the private lessons and the trainer and, for me, this makes your blog REALLY FUN TO READ!

    Show the boots! Show the saddles! Show the ginormous wedding and diamond ring! Show all the fun things! I read your blog because you are obviously a really nice, happy, grateful, hardworking person and all these factors come together and make your blog a really fun "show" to "watch" :-)

    1. Karen - thank you! I am definitely in a fortunate position at the moment (no kids to save for, no debt at the moment, etc, etc.. ) and indulge (a LOT) on the horse front. I do worry occasionally about seeming too bratty of cavalier, but I usually calm myself down by trying to just keep telling my story and confessing my relative sins and successes.

      hopefully my excitement at some of the indulgences comes across more as "giddy little kid on christmas" and less like a completely entitled twit.

    2. This. ;)

      Plus I totally do the same thing on a smaller scale, so it makes me feel like there's other people out there who feel the same way.

      I mean... my horse hasn't been able to walk for 2 months. In that time, he's gotten 2 bridles, 4 bits, a breastcollar, and two sets of open fronts.

      In my defense, one of the bridles was free.

  4. It's awesome that you are so self-deprecating and totally hilarious as you regale us (poor folks) with your spendy tales... otherwise my jealousy would get the best of me. ;D

    (Actually, pre-poverty, as in before I owned my farm and began to plan to build a house, I convinced myself I needed a very expensive pair of boots. I like, not love them, and will go custom in the future.)

  5. Oooh, so pretty. I hope they end up being the PERFECT boot for you!

    As for your impulse purchases, never fear! It's so much fun to get your reviews about all the cool things. Besides, reading about your fun purchases is like spending money vicariously through you. ;)

  6. Sometimes you just have to say "f*** it" (pardon me) and get the saddle, boot, bridle, whatever it is, that will make you happy. After all, it's only money, right? Right?! I hope you love the boots!

  7. You crack me up. Like seriously, I find you hilarious...especially with that last Catholic confession allusion; yeah I totally died of laughter.

    I often find myself living vicariously through you, 'cause I have absolutely no clue what you get with boots that cost over $700! LOL

    I really hope this is what I have to look forward to when I'm "all grown up" with a "real" job!;)

  8. "That's how accounting works, right?"
    HAHAHAhahahaha. Riiiiiiiight. Oh boy do I do this whole song and dance all too often, only I do it not just on the expensive items but on the so-affordable-it-should-be-a-no-brainer stuff too! You're onto something with the glass of wine...that might help me pull the trigger on that darn "confirm order" button!

  9. I can vouch that L. Williams boots are beautiful! :)

    I should let my hubby ready your blog so he knows im not the only one out there who buys things and shoot, your purchases are way bigger then mine! lol!

    Gorgeous boots tho!

  10. I want to be you when I grow, seriously!!!!

  11. Aaaaah to be you and have money to splurge on my dressing my ponies and also myself so that I no longer look like a hobo! Someday, someday!

  12. I want to be you. Seriously love your blog. I hope the boots are everything you hope they are! Agree with what others have said- it's very nice to live vicariously through you and I love all of your fun purchases!

  13. Boy, can I relate. I'm not quite as mutant as you (only 5'10"), but I've still had a hell of a time finding boots, saddle flaps, breeches, etc. that fit my absurdly long femur. I don't need a custom saddle for my horse, I need a custom saddle just to accommodate my leg. Not like I'm complaining, it's as good of an excuse as any ;)

    Also, your blog cracks me up.

    1. P.S. I nominated you for yet another Liebster award!

  14. best of luck with the new boots - I hope that they are all you want from them and more...or do I?! I think your forray & potential review of the custom boots world would make for fabulous reading! *innocent-eyes*


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