Saturday, June 22, 2013

Shoes Off!!

The ponies had a spa day yesterday which means I spent the day writing checks. Prair had some bodywork related to that heavy right shoulder and Gus got some shockwave on his right front along with his tear ducts flushed. 

My farrier was also out working his magic  (more checks) and the good news is that Gus' feet are looking a bit better. Still crappy, but his hinds are down to a 1 degree wedge shoe. No pads and no acrylic!!

For Prair I opted to pull her shoes off. I felt like her toe was starting to run and her heels we starting to contract. Since we're headed into the (brief) dry period that Seattle sees once a year I'm not sure if get a better time to try to transition her back to bare. 

Her feet are in relatively good shape. She was a tad sensitive jogging out on the rocks but not crippling sore.. So we went with it. I'm a little worried that the big beautiful green pasture she just moved to will make it a bit harder but I'm hoping all goes well! 

Bute and a bit of Hoof Freeze and fingers crossed!!


  1. Hopefully she will make the transition smoothly. Glad that Gusters feet are improving!

  2. Heres to good toes on the ponies!! :)

    A human spa days sounds great too lol!


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