Friday, June 28, 2013

In Conclusion

In conclusion... this week can go away now.

I'm so thrilled it's Friday, I can't even.  Nothing horrid has happened, nothing horrid likely will happen but good golly this week has been a handful.  I usually pride myself on keep my latent stress level at something below normal but several times this week I have noticed my heart rate spike from just thinking about issues that are on the table (most non-horsey, some horsey).  I'm pretty sure that can't be healthy.

Anyway, the new boots came! They are really lovely. I like the shape, the foot bed is comfy and the leather is lovely, but not so buttery thin that I think I'll snag it on my own fingernail and rip them open.  I am paranoid that they might not be tall enough.  The back of the boot definitely hits me when I sit, but not much before then.  In theory these boots aren't supposed to drop "much" but I refuse to spend this much money on more boots that will be too short. So we shall see.

Also, the Farrier is coming.  Prair is getting front shoes put back on.  I caved. I want her bare, I'm pretty sure that she can be bare successfully, but I also really want to keep riding while we have our 6 weeks of summer and hit a few more shows. 

I think I'm cheating a little, but I chatted with my vet and in sprite of her very pro-bare bias, she actually thought front shoes were a smart idea for now. 

So, front shoes it is.  I'm thinking I might try to take them off again (with a bit more mindful preparation) in the fall.  We'll see. I am going to keep Prair off the grass for a little while longer and then ease her back on.  I know that's got to be having an impact and I don't want to ignore it even if she no longer appears to be sore.

But holy lord does that mare look pissed when I walked by her gravel turnout.  She spends most of the day either eating tree leaves like a giraffe or staring off into the distance at her pony in her big pasture (or glaring at me when I walk by..).

She'll live. 

I will too.  Today marks the start of about a week of 80 degree weather here, which when coupled with no humidity and access to a lake, makes things very, very nice.

We could both use a little of this...
Happy weekend all!


  1. bahahahahaha i need some of that too!

  2. Your week sounds like my week. I'm hopefully making decisions to minimize stress across the board now, cuz this is ridic.

    Fingers crossed for the boots, but I won't hold my breathe. Hate short boots.

  3. Yay boots! I really hope they work out perfectly.

    Perhaps you should take Prairie to the beach with you? Sand is supposed to be a good supportive surface, after all... ;)


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