Wednesday, June 5, 2013

June Updates and Adjustments

So, slight change of plans.  Given the slightly stressful Sunday I've opted out of both show options this weekend.  I'm not sure it was a rational decision, but since no money had been sent in I figured it wasn't overly rash.  Plus since we have a super fun show coming up next week, I can sit on my hands (and checkbook) a bit longer.
This isn't really relevant but it cracks me up.

The trailer is at the trailer hospital where they are trying to straighten out as many of the dings as they can without ordering parts.  They suggested ordering a new door and frame for the left side which makes sense.  I was also shocked that a whole door (and drop down, and frame) is only $400.  (only, lol).  I guess I was thinking in terms of car repair and what happens when you damage panels.. so I was mentally prepared for a couple grand..

If we do order the door, it's about a month out (to get the right color/size/etc) so we'll be making do for a while anyway.  I'm thinking when the trailer goes back in to get the door put on I'm going to throw a few extra mats on the inside as well (right now the horse walls are matted, as is the ramp, but the inside of the escape doors aren't (as horses aren't supposed to be up there) and neither is the front wall that divides the tack room (horses aren't supposed to be able to kick that either).

I figure that extra mats are a good idea should anything this unfortunate happen again, and also they are lovely for using the trailer for moving things that aren't horses.  Plus I like my things looking nice and mats will prevent totally superficial nicks and dings from driving me nutty. 

To speak to everyone's comments from my last post - the mare is looking good. It appears that almost all her ouchy spots were bruises and whacks and nothing more serious (aside from the staples that are currently holding her forelock on). Also she is scheduled to make it down to our barn today via a large box stall in a large horsey van.  Fingers crossed.  Also, the owner has been great.  She's a long time horse person and very quickly offered to pay for damages as well as to assure me I didn't deliberately shove her horse up in the front of my trailer, which was a relief.

So, the trailer is getting its boo-boos fixed and I didn't want to be stressed about picking it up and getting to a show, then I realized I didn't want to haul for an hour to go ride a combined test and haul an hour home, so that nixed the show on Saturday and then I realized that even though the dressage show on Sunday was super close I didn't want to haul Prair Sunday then turn around and take her to the big show on tues.... so we're staying home.

But we did have some amazing rides in preparation for both possible shows.  Prair and I worked through some First Level stuff and she was rad.  Her lengthenings are capable of being much more uphill now and driven from behind.  To that end we can also return to working canter from a lengthening without using two laps of the full arena to do so.  (ha).

So, as the sun was shining and I was gliding across the diagonal I thought to myself "self.  it's ok if we don't get a scored test this weekend, you are having a wonderful ride and know that things are better than last year."

Also I rode the always adorable Gus and he was great. I mean, he's always great, but he was feeling pretty good too.  His legs are responding very well to all the extra TLC so it's hard to say if its the Ionto Patch that's helping, or the nightly Back on Track wraps or even just the larger turnout and more activity all day long.  Whatever it is, his legs are staying much cooler and tighter and he appears to be quite a bit more sound on that right front.

I always want to just lightly hack the old man, but it is so hard not to play all day with his fun buttons.  He's so easy to move laterally and to collect and extend that riding him is such a good opportunity for me to drill myself on my bad habits.  I can really focus on squaring my hips, not collapsing my ribs in lateral movements and keeping those dreaded reins acceptably short.

Of course, I can't resist playing with his Tempis.  They are just too easy. And too fun.  And too easy.
Gus doesn't need mirrors.  Gus is already perfect.


  1. That scary trailer incident sounds like it all ended as well as it could have! Probably a good move to skip the shows this weekend.

  2. Ah Gus!!

    Sitting out this weekend is prob a good idea after your crazy Sunday!

    Hope you have a great time next weekend!

  3. :) <3 Gus. Glad things are going well.


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