Friday, June 7, 2013

"Track Shipment"

Usually I create my own sort of personal hell when waiting for a particularly exciting delivery.  The blessing of ship confirmations and tracking numbers is knowing exactly what day to expect your fabulous new toy, but the curse is that I literally refresh the "track shipment" button at least 40 times a minute.
refresh. refresh. refresh. refresh.

this accurately sums up my brain process.

I literally torture myself, perhaps even inducing some sort of temporary insanity...  At least I hope it's temporary.

Currently however, I am suffering from totally new type of insanity because CWD has not provided me with the promised email with my tracking number for the new saddle.  At first I was relieved, because I can only imagine that my refresh rate for the delivery of said saddle would far exceed my neurotic tracking of oh say.... a bridle or new turnout blanket.  But now I am totally consumed with not knowing whether or not the saddle is even due to be delivered today. 

Or what if I haven't gotten the shipping email because it hasn't actually shipped and it's still sipping red wine and ooh-la-la-ing over a fresh baguette???

This particular form of (not)tracking shipment induced insanity is far, far worse.  I think my OCD is showing...


Also, why oh why didn't I choose to send it to work where even though I "waived signature upon delivery" I know for certain someone would sign for it and bring it to me!??

Oh right.  Because then I'd have to stay at work all day and not cut out to the barn early.

I suppose in good news I am going to pick up the trailer from the Trailer Hospital today.  Trailer Nurse lady says that it looks 95% good as new so I'm excited about that. 



  1. I'm anxiously awaiting a much smaller equine purchase, so I can only guess how much you want your saddle!

  2. Don't you hate that tracking won't give in to mental powers? "I refreshed you! WHY HAVEN'T YOU CHANGED?!"

  3. I can so relate to this! Last night I got a confirmation email with a tracking number in it and the tracking info wasn't available yet, so naturally I called the company and asked for an expected delivery date, because I'm crazy. Well I mean I told myself it was so I could plan for the package's arrival, but honestly we all know I'm just crazy.

    Can't wait to see the CWD! I love them.

  4. My favorite(?) is when the package ends up on a UPS truck cross-country and disappears off the tracking for DAYS. I nearly gave myself a stroke this week trying to figure out if I was going to get some saddle bags _before_ my CTR...

  5. Bahaha, yeah I do the same thing! I hate when it doesn't update for DAYS. That's the worst.

  6. I get so annoyed with the tracking because once I know it is somewhere within driving distance, my first instinct is to call up the courier and offer to stalk the driver on the road to get my package. Most couriers don't like that approach.

    1. Lol to this... Staking is not a good option but I totally understand. When my county made its voyage here I stalked the bejesus out of my tracking number!


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