Friday, June 28, 2013


As further evidence of my, less-than-stabilized mindset, I decided that what's better to help one decide if the boots are the right-boots than ordering more boots.

Had a slight spree on Dover (ugh) and threw three pairs of boots (from $199-$450) in the cart and and expedited them to me.  I figure I can only gain clarity (I think?) from some serious compare/contrast.  I'm freaked out the Sergio Grasso's are going to be too short and I won't spend that much money on short boots (again). 

I will spend less money on off the rack options that are in the 200-400 range if they get me within a 1/2" of ideal.  Otherwise I will cry, send everything back and continue to show in my boot-capris and embarrass everyone around me.

I suppose I really should give the Hunter Ring a bit more credit if Prair and I continue to place decently even without me looking perfectly prim and proper. 

Maybe it's less superficial than I've always assumed? I could test this theory and try some half chaps, or maybe a purple square pad? how far do you think I could push it???

GAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH boots.  (or problems that aren't actually problems but distract me from obsessing about my horses feet).


  1. Haha good luck with the search!! :)

    Sounds like a perfect way to spend the afternoon- buying horsey things!

  2. La Mundials, seriously! So what if the foot is a little odd, they will fit perfectly and will maintain their shape!

  3. Haha. That's a perfect plan! Hopefully you don't end up liking more than one pair!

  4. Good luck with the boot search! I have slim calves and super long legs too and the Ariat extra-tall height works great for me. Comfy footbed, decent leather. Hopefully there's a pair out there with your name on it!

  5. For all that fuss and money, why not have some custom made?

  6. Let us know your opinions. It's always nice to see boots in person when ordering online so ill be interested to hear your opinion. For what it's worth I love my Ariat Challenges. I'm vertically challenged though so easier to fit.


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