Monday, June 10, 2013

Final Preparations

Opting to not show this weekend was a good decision.  Instead I got to organize my house, my horse's house and my brain (this perhaps was the most necessary).

I had a great lesson on Prair on Sat.  We just worked on our flatwork and my equitation.  I have finally figured out how to shorten my reins (and keep them that way) so long as Prairie is being good.  If she starts diving on the forehand, I got nothing - but if she's being a princess then I can actually close my fingers and stay where I need to.  (small victory).

I also opted to switch her bit from the Pelham to the full twist D.  She went so well in it.  I was able to take a nice contact when I needed too without her diving on it (or away from it), but she didn't seem anxious about the metal mouthpiece.  In fact I think perhaps she's been taking advantage of the Happy Mouth on the pelham a bit... either way, I'm planning on showing in the D. 
a still from Sunday's ride
It was a great hack and boosted my confidence quite a bit.  We worked on adjusting form our HUS frame to our Eq frame and Prair was very obliging. 

I cleaned tack, chatted with friends and then went to go watch a soccer game.

Sunday S requested one more jump school with the mare so I went out to watch and continue organizing.  Prairie was (again) a saint and looked totally calm. Her changes were clean, her balance was good and she was steady to the fences.  We warmed up over 2'/2'6" stuff then I upped the fences to 3' which we don't school very often, but I figured it's prudent since you know, we're showing 3' this week.  (details details).

Here's a quick clip of the lower stuff.  Prair looks great and check out the totally smooth, totally calm lead change she gets after the line (!!!).  It's even the L to R change which is always harder for us.  My phone stopped cooperating when the fences went up so you will just have to imagine more of the same but with slightly less relaxed landings.

Afterward the mare got a full bath, including her face (which she makes very clear is not a fun thing) and trimmed up everywhere but her ears which I need help for.  I cleaned tack (again). and cleaned her black Equi-Fit boots, gathered some clean polos and started organizing out back-up bits and random tack.

The saddle did not come.  In a panic I called CWD to ascertain whether or not it even left france (which is had) and the issue was purely that they entered my email address wrong.  When they resent the tracking info, I stalked it like a professional stalker then started to freak out that I would miss my hypothetical Monday Delivery.  To calm my nerves I opted to have them hold it at the local distribution center for pickup.  While I don't really want to add an extra 40 minutes of driving to my day I am 100% ok with knowing FOR SURE that I will have the saddle and won't miss my driver and end up waiting around tomorrow (with a horse in the trailer in front of the house) before I can drive to the show.

(in fact I fully plan on leaving work in an hour to go get the damn thing).

Anyway, the rest of the day will be Get Saddle (oil over lunch), back to work for a couple meetings, then zoom to the feed store for grain, some grooming essentials, and restocking the first aid kit, then to the barn to PLAY WITH THE SADDLE, tidy Prair back up again, pack a bit more and kiss Gus' face.  

Totally looking forward to the week.  The weather is forecast to be in the mid 70's and sunny, Prair is working well, and we get to stable with out favorite trainer from down south.  Should be some pretty ponies to watch all week and Prair and S get to play in the Derby again on Saturday night.  WOO.

Go team us.


  1. Def sounds like staying home was the right choice :) and you got a ton done!!

    Can't wait to hear how you like the saddle and hear about the show!

  2. Ahhhhhhh SADDLE SADDLE SADDLE!!!!! Yeah.

  3. You guys look great! She will be fabulous at the show :)

  4. You guys look awesome! Yay for saddle!!!

  5. Hope all went well with collecting the saddle and that ye have a great week.
    Well wear & hope the showing goes well! :D


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