Friday, July 2, 2010

Up and A-OK (ish)

Alright.  Well the simple good news is that "Pia is up and OK."  the only caveat to that is that this procedure was slightly stormier than the last one and she didn't respond as well to the anesthesia or dye. 

Apparently Pia ended up needing significantly more sedation than before to stay under, which meant that she was "out" for MUCH longer than she was last time, and that basically she woke up with a way worse hangover. 
Unlike last time, when she just bounced up and was happy, this time she had a few seizures and "got a little banged up."  I'm trying ot be thankful that my mare is up and functional, but its hard to keep your stomach from flipping when you think about a 1200# animal seizing in recovery and smacking themselves around a bit. 

It sounds like P convulsed a little as she regained consciousness, but it was minimal and she was still laying down so it wasn't too traumatic.  The unfortunate thing is that she apparently had a second set of seizures once she was back in her stall which resulted in her wacking her legs around and scuffing up her knees. 

(My vet told me not to worry about it since "her knees are scarred anyway," which almost made me slap him through the phone, but I know he was just trying to be reassuring..).

Anyway.  It sounds like she's out of the woods (thank god). and all ready for pickup this afternoon.  The poor girl.  She deserves lots of sugar cubes for this.... and definitely a new treat ball...

I parked the trailer in the back at work so that we don't have to drive allll the way back to the barn before going to get her...  and I must say that it looks a little out of place parked next to salesmen trucks and between stacks of pipe (did I mention we sell pipe? cause we do...)

(one of these things is not like the other...)

I'm letting Pia stay under their watchful eyes for a few more hours before I go rescue her and return her to the end of PONY CAMP and her familiar stall.  Poor mare, I feel so bad for her.. I just hope she's not too uncomfortable or bruised... 

Happy 4th to everyone -
If you've got a pony, go for a nice ride and give them extra treats.  They deserve it.  
If you don't have a pony, find someone you like and give them treats.  They probably deserve it too...  Have a good weekend!


  1. So so scary!
    Hoping for her quick recover.
    and a speedy end to Pony Camp (yuck)!

    Will be giving my guy lots of peppermints this weekend as per your instruction.

  2. Oh Pia!! That's no fun at all!! I hope you feel better. I think that your mom and I need to meet and drink together to drown our vet bill sorrows!! Feel better!


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