Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Happy Birthday Mare Face!

Today is P's birthday, and she is a whole 7 years old. 

I went out to love on her and feed her apples on my lunch break, but she was just getting ready for her workout from the BO which meant that slobbery apple froth was not the most brilliant idea I've ever had.  Technically, neither was going to the barn in a flowy skirt and open toe sandals, but at least I had more self control with the apple feeding pre-ride.

The monster is in FULL shed mode.  She's seriously sloughing off fluff like it's her job.  Which means she's itchy, which means that she is in full rub mode, and also that she hates her saddle/anything that's strapped to her body.

We've been letting her take a little free lunge before each workout, just to get her wiggles out and let her romp around.  Today she took full advantage of the space and was a total bucking bronco. I think that her skin is itchy, because there was a lot of wet-dog shakes and the sort of bucks that appear to be an attempt to full on remove the saddle.  No one seems to know what I'm talking about when I say that, but I really think it's a skin thing.  Super tail swishy, super annoyed, and just a general attention to her sides as opposed to what's in front of her.. I think we're going to start some science experiments with pads/washes/lotion/sprays/etc to see if anything seems to make much of a difference... anyone ever had a super itchy horse before? thoughts?

The good news is that P looked great.  I had to leave just as BO finished groundwork and was getting on, but she looked just lovely during her bit rig work.  Her shoulders are swinging slightly freer, and I think she's carrying a little less tension in her spine, but maybe that's just the adoring horse-mom eyes talking.

Regardless, P got some love, some treats and put right back to work. :) my camera is currently broken (whaaa) so instead of fun new pics, here are a few of my all time favs from our almost 6 months together :)

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  1. She's very pretty! Happy birthday Miss P!


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