Thursday, August 5, 2010

Trim Pics...

OK, so before I race out of here for a baseball game (at least the sun is out.. even if we lose horribly) I thought I'd get some pics of Pia's feet up since I'll also be out of the office (yes, sometimes I actually work) tomorrow for a very rigorous golf tournament...(don't ask)

 Pia says she's been waiting for this pedicure for weeks now....

The trimmer commented on how much HAPPIER Pia seems to be at the new barn.  Well, duh.  She's doted on and fawned all over plus she's out in the sunshine all day long, fed like a queen and has lots of friends.  But I digress...

Here are some pics of the lady's toes pre-trim:

Front toes:

 Front toes again - Showcasing our rather long toe... it's gonna take a while for that to round out..

And our hind feet: 

I'm thrilled that her feet aren't flaring, chipping, cracking or anything else undesirable.  In fact, the full gravel turnout is doing WONDERS.  The trimmer barely had to take anything off. All we really did was round her toe off a little more, file down her bars and even out her weird right hind a tiny bit. 

Mrs. Trimmer said that her soles look excellent and wasn't surprised when I said that we have yet to attempt to use our easy boots.  I just can't think as to why I would wrestle them on as long as Pia's got iron hard feet and no soreness..  We did talk about her long toe a bit.  I'm concerned that she's landing a bit toe first, which puts a lot of strain on tendons and the pastern joint.  I think I might be being a little sensitive to it since Mrs. Trimmer told me I was crazy, but still, I'm glad to have her trimmed back and rounded off a bit.

Here are our after shots: (Though apparently I didn't take ANY ground level ones...I add some in later)

Our left fore - Note the widened heels and dry happy frog.  Pia got extra gold stars for that. Not a single sign of thrush, no damp sole and rock hard toe callus!

And here's our weird right hind.  She wears the outside down faster than the inside.. Since she's not off and she's not sore, it might just be how she's put together, so at this point I'm not concerned.  It does look funny though.

From this angle you can see how the uneven wear has cause her frog to grow out to one side over time... her heels are still great, and the sole is nice and thick though, so there's no discomfort here.

That's our update.  I sprayed the mare down with extra fly spray, and put her back out next to her favorite (VERY pretty) Westphalian friend.. and gave her a treat for being good for her trim.  She's enjoying a day off today, but is back to work tomorrow, Saturday and Sunday.  I'm thinking I'll have some new video all ready Monday morning!

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