Friday, August 20, 2010

Laying Low

Not much is going on with the P this week.  She's enjoying life (though not getting any fatter..) and that's about it.  She's been great on the lunge, relaxed in the barn, and there's really just not too much else to say.

I am annoyed that she's not getting chubby, might be time to put some rice bran or beet pulp back in the mix for the lady.  She's cleaning up all her food, so I guess I'll just keep throwing more at her until she stops.

I did get the chance to corner the other boarder at the barn with a Wobbler yesterday.  We somehow hadn't crossed paths until now so it was neat to talk about her diagnosis/treatment experience.  What's interesting is that her story sounds pretty similar.  She got her boy when he was 6, he hadn't been in work for years (passed the vet with flying colors) and her only thought was "gee, his butt seems pretty far out behind him."  But for a 17.3h warmblood out of work, that didn't seem too odd. 

Then a few months into putting him back to work he began tripping and falling out behind.  She brought in a vet, he diagnosed Wobblers and she was in surgery at WSU two weeks later (WOW).  He came out of surgery great, and ended up being downgraded from a 3 to a 1, but she regrets operating so soon.  (honestly, her story is making me feel so good about holding off on P's surgery for the time being).  The recovery sounds rough, he's still not great, and his disconnect with his hind end puts so much stress on his front, that he's had two suspensory injuries in the last couple of years (yikes!). She cautioned me about the string of related injuries she's had as a result of his spinal compression.  I am NOT jealous of what she's gone through, and lord I hope I can avoid some of the hurt her boy has endured. 

We had a great chat about Vitamin E (her boy isn't currently on it..) and training techniques.  I was really grateful to her for sharing her story, and at this point, I really feel like I'm doing right by Pia.  I'm certain that her chiropractic issues stem from the Wobblers, and that it's something we will always deal with.  However, I'm also terrified of her putting extra stress on tendons/ligaments due to her muscles not taking their share of the load, so I'm feeling even better about the slow pace of our training.

I want this horse happy, healthy and nowhere near fatigued when she's working.  As snotty as she can be, I feel like P is being fairly honest, and only objects when she's tired/confused/hungry and not because she's deliberating trying to pick a fight. 

The BO is back from vaca this weekend, so the mare get's to busy starting Monday.  We are meeting to go over goals, set some schedules and GET ME ON HER. (whee!). can't wait.  I miss riding her, but I also recognize that I'm more out of shape than Pia is, and if I'm shelling out big $$ for training, right now I'm going to be the last one to step in and screw that up.

Happy Friday everyone, enjoy your weekends!!

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