Saturday, March 12, 2011

Everybody's Working for the Weekend

Man oh man... After a long week of 'strategic planning' with our executive team (dotted with plenty of Pia daydreams...) I finally busted out to the barn this morning for some serious mare love.

P was all sweetness and very appreciative of a thorough currying since she seems to have decided to eject all of her hair all at once.

She still looks a little mincy to me on the lunge, but she worked out of it and I hopped on after about 10 minutes since she looks mellow and seemed to be fairly focused on me.

The only hint that she hadn't been ridden in over a week was a slightly higher level of stickiness which showed up after an easy initial transition to the trot but then stuck with us for about 4 laps. For some reason I was feeling timid in getting after her and P's STOP-BITE-BITE was met with my baby nudge-tap-tap...

Once we were through that though, the mare was a gem. Her trot was forward and lofty and she was bending nicely around my leg in both directions.

It was just what I needed and after 30 minutes of easy forward work on the buckle we went back to the barn for some sprucing. The fuzzy knees got clipped, whiskers trimmed and I took scissors to the mare's mane to remedy the mullet she was attempting to sprout...

A lazy day at the barn full of hair flying in all directions was just what I needed. I'll post some pics tomorrow so everyone can see Miss P's funky new 'do.


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  1. After a week off I think she had come by her stickiness honestly. ...probably good that you babied her back to the contact. It sounds like a very happy ride for both of you.

  2. Yay for fun rides! :) I'm glad she did well aside from the minor stickiness. I can't wait to see the pictures.

  3. Fun rides are so wonderful and always leave me feeling on Cloud 9. Glad to hear that you two had such a great time!


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