Tuesday, March 8, 2011

P says: THANKS

Wow,  I've been so distracted by boring, non-horsey things that I totally failed to notice that we simultaneously hit our 200th post and our 50th follower! (cue fireworks and P in her celebration crown)

P with her celebration crown
 I'm not sure either of those things mean much more than I've been rambling with far less editing than I should... and yet somehow it's just barely coherent enough for you to still bother reading..., Regardless of how or why you stumbled upon us, Miss P  and I thank you SO much for coming along this wild (or not so wild) ride with us.

When I started a blog I didn't really think that it would serve much of a purpose beyond helping me keep track of some goals and give me some perspective on progress.  Little did I know that it would become a really powerful tool for keeping my own expectations and frustrations in check, while also opening me up to the sort of supportive forum I haven't really had since late nights in middle school helping all my friends pack up their color coordinated tack trunks in anticipation of some tiny little horse trial.

What's really bizarre is that I have never been able to maintain a traditional diary, ever.  Apparently (like most things in my life) all I needed to do was to sprinkle a little bit of "horse" on top, get some affirming feedback from strangers and POW, here I am.  I absolutely adore the minutes I set aside on a (almost) daily basis to ponder about Miss P and review what's been going on in our lives. 

So thanks for reading, thank you for your comments, thoughts, insight and perspective.  It makes this whole blogging thing worthwhile.  And if you're lurking out there with a blog I don't know about, post a link in the comment section so I can stalk you!

I'm finally getting back to the barn tonight (hmm, I wonder how many times I've said that in the past two months..) so hopefully the mare is still there and she still remembers what I look like, or at the very least what pocket the treats hide in (I'll take insincere affection at this point).

We might just lunge and play, we might ride, we'll see.

I'm hoping that P's toes are feeling better (I'm cringing at the thought of them actually being sore post-trim.. ugggghhhhhhh *stomach flip*)  I'll expand on that topic soon as I've been working with Lucy over at the Barefoot Horse Blog, and getting her thoughts/insight on Pia's feet.  If you don't follow Lucy, I really enjoy her posts and explanations that generally accompany photos..No crazy rhetoric, just some really educational and (seemingly) logical comments on hoof care.

More tomorrow!


  1. Congratulations on both your 200th post and 50th follower! I know the feeling, I had no intention of even getting a single follower, but I hit my 200th post last week and I'm hanging on with 49 followers. Funny how thing work.

  2. Bah! I wasn't following you, so I clicked and made it an even 50 :) congrats to you too!

  3. Congrats, that's quite exciting!
    Oh, and I think you need to stick an actual crown on Pia and see what she does with it ;)

  4. I just noticed Pia has the same blaze as her sire. Cute :)
    I feel so inferior to everyone I follow (especially gogo and andrea with 300 followers) since i have only 29. But then again, its not all about comments and followers....right? :P

  5. Congrats! And I was the same way about keeping a journal. Blogging is so much more fun! I love the feedback and "family" feel of it all. Getting to share stories and advice is so amazing. :)

    I follow the barefoot blog and really enjoy reading her stuff, but how did you actually get hold of her. I tried to ask her some questions about Chrome's feet and never got a response. Did you comment or email? I'm glad you're getting help for Miss P. Keep up the great work!

    Oh and Checkmark, don't let the follow thing get you down. I only have eighteen followers on Chrome's blog and thirty five on my main blog. I'm following yours now too. :)

  6. I changed from anonymous to public so you are now at 51, didn't realize that setting affected your number. I have been a follower since around June, found your blog via Denali's mom. I started blogging in December and I agree it is funny how easier to write about the ponies than it is to write about life in general.

  7. Congrats! Found your blog a few weeks ago and love it. I recently started a blog about my 4 yr old Warmblood x TB mare and wish I would have began blogging when I got her as a yearling. Like you, started it to have some sort of journal, progress, pictures to look back on. Keep up the posting & I'll keep reading!

  8. Lurker here! I enjoy reading your blog!


  9. I just found your blog a week ago and I've been enjoying reading back through some of your past exams. Pia is gorgeous.

    I am the same way with not being able to keep a diary, but somehow when it's your horse you are writing about it suddenly is something you look forward to! I've been having a good time blogging and I'm really not the writing type.

  10. Thanks everyone!
    Oh, and Kate - I think if I stuck a real crown on P one of two things would happen: either she'd immediately eat it. or she'd NEVER TAKE IT OFF. :)


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