Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Preparing for Mare-Wolf

Well,  I finally got it - The email from our BO saying the regumate is about to run out...

I can't believe it's been three months, but apparently it has.  Which is exactly when our supply of happy-mare-juice is supposed to disappear.

I'm sorta hoping for a Hanukkah, festival-of-lights, style miracle.  Like maybe the one day supply of regumate (/oil) will actually last us through the week (/8 nights), allowing me to enjoy a couple more rides before heading out of town...

I'm not sure how likely that is, but I am fully prepared for this to show up whenever we do run out:
That, my friends, is what a marewolf looks like.  She appears when hormones run rampant and no amount of lunging, treating, or massaging will make her happy to work.  She eats anything she can find (rocks, farriers, geldings) and can execute aerobatic bucks, but a simple working trot remains elusive.

Here's to hoping I still find P's sweet sleepy face when I show up to the barn.. If marewolf has taken her place, my plan is to give the mare a nice week off to deal with her first cycle, then see where we are at in terms of attitude.

If she's acting normal, we'll proceed without our happy-mare-juice and see how awful her second cycle is.  I think there's a good possibility that her hormones weren't our biggest issue, but they were the frosting on an otherwise pissed-off cake.  Perhaps having dealt with her feet and a few other issues, her cycles won't be the tipping point for her explosions. I've grown quite accustomed to rides without any bucking and I'd like them to continue...

But, if P's cycles do still cause her to explode.. Those ovaries are coming out.

Out, out damn spot!
Cutest nose ever... even if she's preparing for evil


  1. I guess both possible scenarios have their advantages. If Pia's no different, then you know that its not just her cycling. If she turns into a marewolf again.... then you most definitely have your answer.

  2. Yea, this will be a very interesting thing to see. Did the vet mention how long it stays in their system? I wonder if their first cycle back will be more mild and then the 2nd will be rough or how it will all play out. You definitely need to keep us updated (duh- I know you will!). My mare is on it right now but only a 10 day course of it for breeding purposes. I wonder if even that much of it makes a difference. hmmph? Can't wait to here the verdict.

  3. I like your term "mare-wolf", but I do not wish one upon you or anyone else. The picture is scary.

  4. I'm totally looking forward to whether or not she has a major behavioral shift without it. I'm not sure if it reduces the severity of their first cycle, that's interesting. She'll definitely make it to her second cycle without it before we take action either way.. so we'll see!

  5. Poor reformed mare wolf. I don't know how long the hormones stay in their bodies, but you might get more nice rides than you think before her system normalizes. I hope she remains good and that it was something else you already fixed. Problem solved. If not then at least you'll have your answer.

  6. Hope you have your air vest handy. Mare issues are not my favorite thing ever.

  7. A few months back my mare was having issues with painful heat cycles. Regumate or spaying was not going to happen financially, so we wound up putting her on an herbal supplement with raspberry leaf, chamomile and wild yams. She's done really well on it. She still has heat cycles, but it just seems to moderate the hormones enough so she doesn't have issues with cramping. Not sure if you've tried the herbal route already but it really worked for my horse so I thought I'd add in my experience. Good luck with the transition back to full-strength hormones! :)


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