Thursday, April 28, 2011

I rode!

Ok, well Thursday's Dressage is over at Rolex, so I guess I can post now...

Yesterday, I actually managed to get ON the horse.  (cue trumpets) So I'm feeling good.  We didn't accomplish much else, aside from getting SOAKED by the torrential rain on our (rather) short walk from the barn to the ring.

One other boarder was still riding so I threw P on the lunge instead of letting her scamper around at liberty.  I was expecting the extended vacation to result in P being a total hellcat, but she was remarkably calm.  Her canter was measured, but forward - and the only hint that her blood was boiling came from a few squealing head shakes.

I realized that P's calm was a direct result of having a friend in the ring, so I started my mental debate as to whether I wanted to stay the course with my lunging and let her get her kicks out, or take advantage of the calm and get on while we still had a buddy to work with.

I think I debated for another 10 minutes and when I finally decided to just screw it and get on, boarder #2 dropped to a walk, let her reins out and gave her pony a big, I'm-done-riding pat.  (crappers).

I politely asked if she would mind sticking around while I attempted our first ride in weeks, and god bless her for saying that she'd be happy to.

So.. I popped on the mare, who was definitely hot to trot, but not full on crazytown.
Suspicious mare doesn't understand why I'm getting ready to get on...

She was sadly... still sticky.  But when we did get moving (mostly down the longsides), she was cruising.  Her back felt great, she was really through my aids, and felt decent.  Her barrel was tight, and didn't have the soft, squishy "marshmallow" feel that I like, but that's ok.  We popped into a quick canter (no disaster!), then switched directions.  a few mediums, a few sticky spots, and a few transitions later and we were done.  I intended to get back to work when our buddy left, but P immediately started shooting sideways and freaking out when she realized we were alone.  In fairness, the wind was blowing, the rain was THUNDEROUS on the roof and it was dinnertime.  If we had been back to work for a bit, I probably would have pushed through it, but given her energy, the time off, and the weather - I just wasn't up for for the fight.

I didn't want her to think that she got off that easy, so I threw her back on the lunge and worked up and down the ring, making her move out whenever she tried to GLUE her ears to the barn.  After about 5 minutes she was back to being relaxed and mostly focused on yours truly.

I called that a win. and we cooled out together sans halter.  (good mare).

Not exactly a strenuous day back under saddle but, a) we worked, b) I got ON, c) I didn't get thrown off and d) everyone felt better.

well, mostly better.  I apparently am getting sick. but that's neither here nor there...

Also, got to sprinkle more vets monies because apparently the Frenchie has developed allergies.  They don't seem to be tragically bad, but her little face looks hivey and swollen and my parents guilted me into paying for a vet to tell me "Benadryl.  Give her benadryl."  Thanks mom!
How sad is that puffy face!?


  1. Awww, poor swollen puppy! Dog allergies suck, but benadryl can be a godsend.

    Glad you had a good ride on Ms. P. I hope to actually ride tomorrow for the first time in almost a week (again) tomorrow.

  2. Your frenchie is so cute!! I want one someday. =-)

  3. When Pia gets 'sticky', is it a stop and refuse to go forward? Asking because my 4 yr old mare pulls this some days. Wondering what you do to unstick her. The crop produces a buck from my girl :(

  4. Oh, P's right there with the bucks, hops, bounces, etc. when I pop her if she's stopped. My current "solution" is to pull her in a fairly tight circle (/spin) when I try to whack her forward. That way she can't buck or try to go up on me. It's not very sophisticated, but it does keep her feet moving and as soon as she decides she'd rather move forward, rather than right with me in the circle - off we go :)

  5. I have tried just the tight circle, but have not backed up with the crop. Will give that a go!

  6. Poor dog! Jackal's face gets horribly itchy too. Benedryl works great. :) At least now you know.

    I'm glad you got to ride and it went well considering how long it had been. Good job for being brave and just getting on a going for it.

  7. Trumpets for your ride.

    Sad face for the swollen pup.


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