Wednesday, April 20, 2011

LAME! (well, not *lame*, but annoying...)

Pia is clearly punishing me.  Whether its for her extended vaca, or for making her get poked and prodded by the vet last week, she is clearly punishing me.

Between my insane trips scheduled for work, I have a grand total of 36 hours at home in 10 days (which I am currently in the middle of enjoying 29 hours of).  What that means is that today is the only day for me to play with the mare this week, which is currently scheduled for 4:30-8pm this evening.  I say "scheduled" because it is.  it had to be.  It's the only way I could get it in.  In fact, I declined a dinner with another vendor, because frankly, I'd rather see the beast.  :)
Note "PIA" scheduled in.. complete with stars and wiggles.
Anyway, my boots, breeches, and clean socks were all neatly packed this morning so I could dash out as soon as possible and head straight to the mare.  Then I got the dreaded text from the BO.  9am.  No good texts come at 9am.  The really tragic ones come at 11:30pm, but there's no way the BO was sending a friendly "hope you're travels have been good, can't wait to see you!" text.

My gut was right, and it was one of those "Pia threw a shoe, no real damage, already called farrier" texts.

WHAT THE CUSS.  Threw a shoe!? doing what? stepping on yourself until it came off? you have no mud, no uneven terrain, and haven't been exerting yourself in any way since I last saw you!

Clearly, she is punishing me.

No matter.  I will still scuttle out to the barn and love on her.  I'm a little reticent to actually ride if her shoe hasn't been tacked back into place, but we'll see.  Just getting some mare time in will be good, but I'd really rather get back to busy.  I mean really.  April's almost over and we've hardly had a chance to enjoy it. 

Oh well, once I'm back from NYC, I'm here a whole TEN DAYS before having to jet off again.  Hopefully Pia will remember that sometimes I get on and ride her and sometimes she goes round and round in the arena. 



  1. Ah I feel your pain..I work full time and attend evening college classes full time!!! Sugar has to deal with weekends and one day a week right now so I can pay her (our) bills, and make it so that one day, we'll have PLENTY of time together. Enjoy your travels & I hope Pia is fine without her shoe!!

  2. My mare just got her shoe tacked on again for the 5th time in 6 weeks. She's on a roll!

    Hope you enjoy your time with Pia, even if you can't spend it riding her.

  3. Lol, I'd say something to the effect of "gotta love shoes in the spring time" but in this case, it doesn't really apply! Enjoy your time with Pia, and I'm sure she'll appreciate it when you're away.

  4. Yikes I couldn't imagine being that busy lol. I hope things slow down for you a little bit soon so you can enjoy Pia. At least a lost shoe isn't a horrible crises and time spent with your horse is time spent well even if you can't ride. :D


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