Friday, February 3, 2012

I'd like to Thank....

My mares for being so adorable/frustrating/ridiculous/entertaining.... and I'd like to thank my boss, for letting blog for hours (and hours, and hours) at the office.  Without you, this blog just wouldn't have happened. Seriously.  (teehee)

Actually, I'd really like to thank DS over at Adventures in Colt (Filly) Starting, Jessica at Hopeful Jumpers and Sprinkler Bandit over at... well, Sprinkler Bandit.

Means the world that you guys (and everyone else!) enjoy my ramblings about the mares, especially enough to say so.  I've had so much fun chronicling our adventures - and honestly, knowing that there are people out there as amused by the ridiculous details of horse ownership as I am.... well that.. that makes me feel less insane.  Also, it probably keeps me from boring The Boy and Non-Horsey-Friends to death with discussion of bits and barns and buckles and BO's.

I've been so late to this awards party that a good portion of the blogs I really enjoy have been recognized (a few times over again), but there are a couple out there that I haven't seen pop up yet.

SO, without further ado, I highly reckoned that you check out Suzie over at On Track for a CC1*.  She's got a incredible old jumper who she's learned the ropes of Eventing (and then some) on, and she's just now starting her super cool baby.  She's incredibly smart, insightful, and has one of the more detailed training logs out there.  I really enjoy learning about her obstacles, successes and especially her methods.

Also, I'm sure that Marissa at Tucker the Wunderkind has been mentioned, it's just that she's so freaking busy she probably hasn't had a chance to thank all of her fans yet...
Marissa is on the H/J side of things so I'm always learning something about that world (like that people buy tail extensions!? whaaaaaa?). I think she has some sort of magical mind meld with her gelding, because her descriptions of his "thoughts" and "words" are just about the most hysterical things ever.  Plus, she introduced me to the term "drama-llama," which I find a near daily use for.

As for me, the trailer hunt continues.  The boy is OBSESSED with getting a gooseneck now (I won't complain) and we're currently high on the 2+1 configuration that gives a 4'-6' space in front of the two straight-load stalls, but behind the dressing room.  I'm not sure I'd ever haul a third horse there, but having the walk-off ramp up front, PLUS extra space for hay/bikes/crap, seems actually like a pretty good idea.  I mean, I've never not used extra storage space.  Even at home my shoe closet is brimming with too many (adorable) heels, and my coats have nearly exploded the front hall closet.

So the 2+1 just seems... well, prudent.

Happy weekends! I hope everyone is out riding, while I am.... going cross-eyed looking at trailer ads.  (too bad I love it so much!).


  1. Oh, I like the new idea. If you haul both girls to a show, you will not regret the extra storage space. Plus, what isn't cool about about a side ramp? I've never used one, but it looks spiffy.

  2. "...and she's just now starting her super cool baby"!!! I'll be checking out her blog, since I'll be doing the same in four months!! :D Thanks for sharing.

    I haven't seen the 2+1 trailers before. I like!! Good luck on your hunt.


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