Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Non-Horsey Post - Celebrating 100 years

I know I always say I try to keep the non-horsey stuff out of the horsey blog, but every once in a while I"m so damn excited about something it's hard not to share (new shoes, new husband... you know.. the big things).

This seems like it might fall into that category, so forgive the lack of horses (although there are some pictures of horses involved).

2011 marked the 100th year that my family has had it's weird little business.  I am the 5th generation to come to work for the company and hopefully I won't be the last.  For the most part, our industry has seen small independent companies rolled up into big multi-national conglomerates, and while there are a few family owned businesses still out there - we are certainly the strongest in the Northwest, and among the largest in the nation (GO TEAM FAMILY).

The following is a quick little video (14 minutes) that chronicles our history and how it tied into the development of Seattle.  It's pretty cool.  Forgive the lower quality intro (we were running out of time before our big party last weekend), the actual history part is very well done.

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