Friday, February 10, 2012

Trailer (Almost Final Answer?)

OK, so, assuming this baby doesn't disappear between now and us getting back from the big trip, I think this might be the one.

The more (and more) I peruse goosneck options, the more (and more) I'm liking the "2+1" format.  I really like having the extra square footage in the horsey area for hay/bucket/whatever storage and I really like having the option for a smaller third stall if I want to haul 3 beasts (I've assured The Boy that this won't in fact force me to buy a third horse).

This Logan seems to fit the bill.  It's new, but discounted since it's a 2011 and it has all the features I want. Side ramp for loading/unloading, door in the bulkhead (makes the trailer into a "porch" of sorts that can help keep the tack room a bit cleaner, rhino lined under the gooseneck, water tank, lots of lights, lots of big windows and MASSIVE straight load stalls that come in at 94" from butt to chest bar (HOLY MOLEY).

I also like that the dressing room wall is at a slant, which does make the dressing room (and the + 1) space a bit smaller, but that also keeps the trailer to a really decent length of a 22' deck, which isn't much larger than a normal 2 horse straight load (20').  Totally helps us achieve the goal of keeping this thing maneuverable, while also giving a good amount of storage and flexibility.

The only downsides are  that 1) the trailer is in CA (although northern CA), so we have to deliver it.  and 2) that it's an extruded aluminum floor.  I really wanted to find a Rumber or WERM floor if we were shopping for new trailers, but this does have Logan's "Whiz Proof" vortex coated floor, so that's several steps up form a normal aluminum situation.

True to form, this is about double the cost of my original budget, but that just really shouldn't be too surprising to anyone (dammit).  What do you think?  Hate it? love it? total steal, should I snap it up before we leave on Wednesday????

Sooo, I'm liking it.  The Boy likes it, and it looks like we're headed back down to the Mountain Trail Clinic again in April... Which would be the perfect 4 day trip to have the new rig for so that both of the mares can go play on bridges and in ditches and out in big fields.

Sounds fun right!?


  1. It is gorgeous!! *drool* and looks big enough for both beasts. I like the 2+1 formats, too. Love the extra room. If I ever get another trailer, that's probably what I'd get.

  2. I think if it's what you want, you should go ahead and get it! I love it! I'm also intrigued by the Rhino Liner under the gooseneck... if you end up purchasing it, I'd be curious to see some close up pictures. It's a great idea and something I might want to do with my trailer. :)

  3. Ooooh. This would be easier if you weren't about to leave. No rush, I guess. It probably makes more sense to wait until you get home so you can play with it more fully.

  4. I'm with SprinklerBandit. I'd say wait- but if its gone, will you always regret it? If you think y ou can live with yourself if you lose it, wait. If its still there when you're back, then it was 'meant to be'. If not... c'est la vie.

    I have to admit, I have a 2 horse ramp on ramp off, and I never use the ramp off. My mare backs up off voice commands, and is always cautious and steady so I never have to worry about her. However, if I were trailering a horse who I wasn't so sure about, I think the ramp off would come in handy because most trailering accidents happen backing off the trailer.


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