Monday, May 14, 2012

Secret Summer

Without fail Seattle gets 5-10 days of spectacular weather in mid-May that emblazons the spirits of everyone just enough to keep us going through what is (also without fail) a soggy, sad, June.

We're in the middle of that now, which means 75 degrees, mild breezes and perfect, snow-capped mountains in the distance.  Trying to take advantage of each ray of sunshine has kept me away from bloggy-land, but never fear, it hasn't kept me from the barn.

Knowing that just a quick groom and pat on the nose goes miles for keeping me sane, I've been trying to get to the barn every day I can even if I don't have time to ride.

This morning for example, I had back to back meetings from starting at 10am until 8pm - and after I hit snooze one too many times I lost the chance to ride early before work (whoopsies).  But, I did manage to make my coffee and get dressed with enough time to pop out for a pat and a quick free lunge session.
(For which my Monday morning brain is grateful.)

There just isn't a better way to start you week than to see this big beast and her big ears happily snuggling into you (even if she's just hunting for treats)...
Great Start to a Monday
This weekend I didn't get as much mare time as I wanted.  Saturday, The Boy went to the barn with me (after an admittedly difficult morning) and it was just what I needed.  We grazed Prairie, he hosed her down and we had a nice time letting her dry in the sun while she munched on some grass.  Sunday I got a decent ride in, the only major drawback being that the nice weather drew everyone and their mother/sister/friend/niece out for a ride, so I opted for an empty indoor rather than playing in traffic in the outdoor..

Prairie was a pretty good girl, we ran through our Training Level test which felt a little disjointed, but we were practicing it in a small arena which makes the loops and transitions all pretty much on top of each other.  All in all, it wasn't bad, but there was more tension than I would like so I think I need to focus on upping the tempo of our movements (or at least how often I'm asking for something new).  Other than that, good mare.

Also, Prairie switched stalls.  The mare on her left has now twice (twice!) kicked down the wall between them sometime during the night, which isn't exactly ideal, and a little freaky to discover in the morning.
I think that Poppy is horrifically offended when Prairie reaches her giraffe nose up over the top of the wall, but I don't really know why she's destroying the wall as a result... I'm pretty sure Prairie isn't leaping into her stall and stealing her snacks... but maybe she is.  Who knows.

So that's about it.  Lazy mare, happy mornings, mediocre practice tests... All in all not too bad and definitely what the doctor ordered.  I'm hoping to get some "work" done in the next few rides as I feel like we're on the edge of some breakthroughs with our canter transitions, but only time will tell.  Somehow we ended up in a place where our walk-canters are golden, engaged, and soft, but our trot-canters are less consistent.. weird.

Since we haven't had a video recently, here's a not very interesting one of P2 scampering about this morning.  All in all nothing spectacular, but she is starting to carry herself more.  Less Llama necking at the canter, and more using her body..  not a lot more.  but a little more.  and I'll take it!

Also, I really need to take pics of the mare's feet.  She's still bare all the way around and I'd like to keep her that way, but she's not wearing her hinds perfectly... curious what people's opinions are.

Ok, that's it.  Back to meeting land. Happy Monday!

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  1. Great video. She is so cute. I love watching her move and play. :D


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