Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Needy Mare & Making Plans..

Well, I finally got it.  That call from your vet (that you can't take because you're visiting your grandmother and she thinks cell phones are the downfall of American Society) so you wait for the voicemail to come through.

(for the record, I'm sure this happens with human children too, but that brief moment of waiting for the voicemail to start actually playing is pure friggin dread).

Pia was apparently sensing that Prairie has been getting attention (and peppermints and saddles) and decided that she needed a bit more of the spotlight on her.  So, she thought the best way to make sure I remembered her (and opened my checkbook) was to ram a stick (or something) up her leg and get an infected puncture wound.

Apparently the mare was "off" on Friday, but convinced she was dying on Saturday, refusing to even put her foot down or be coaxed to take a step.  Quite the actress this one is... because clearly all of her antics convinced my vet that there must be something horribly-terribly-wrong and further diagnostics (ca-ching, ca-ching, ca-ching $$$$$) would be necessary.

As it turns out, it really just is a puncture wound, and after getting cleaned out, cold hosed, smeared with goo and started on antibiotics, she's back to 95%.

Pia says- "Get with it. I'm still here you know"
 I politely asked my vet to explain to Pia that the new saddle is adjustable and is "for her too."  so she shouldn't complain.  Something tells me Pia won't care.  She's never really been all that good at sharing...

On the P2 front, I've been staring at my calendar and deciding we need to plan some things.  So, tomorrow I'm packing up P2 and one of S's beasts and we're going to Bridle Trails State Park for a little hack.  For those of you not in the area, BT is a 400(ish) acre Equestrian Park that has a few big arenas and lots 'o trails.  It hosts loads and loads of schooling shows (and a few recognized) during the Spring and Summer and it's only about 20 minutes away from the barn so it's a totally quick and easy haul for a hack away from home.

While on the BT website I decided that I really should enter some of their schooling shows.  The dressage ones happen monthly, are cheap and would be a good way to get us out riding some tests and seeing where we are at...

So, the show dates are firmly in my calendar.... I just can't decide what tests to sign up for.  We're easily schooling through all the First Level movements at home (although I haven't really been stringing all the movements that together, but we're close).  It sounds chicken, but I think for the June 10 show I'm considering an Intro Level test (just to get in the ring, and not bounce out of it..) then maybe a Trailing Level test or two? Maybe First 1.... That's still a month away which gives us lots of time to sharpen up, but maybe we just do Intro/Training for the first show and save our First Level "debut" for July?

Also, I think I'm going to haul out for a lesson at our old BO's barn sometime next week too.  I need a dressage tuneup and I'm not quite feeling a long haul down to Prairie's old place...


  1. Intro? Seriously? No. :-p Do training.

    Lol, ignore me and do whatever. Sounds like fun all around regardless of the tests you choose.

  2. Intro is walk trot, I vote for Training 1 & 2 you can do it!

  3. I vote training too. Intro is soooo boring! :D


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